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Duke vs. Clemson Full Game | 2021-22 ACC Men’s Basketball

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Duke went into Clemson and pulled out an 82-64 win over Clemson. Trevor Keels led Duke with 25 points on 9 of 13 shooting. Keels added 11 rebounds in the win. Mark Williams scored 16 points, blocked 2 shots and grabbed 6 rebounds and Paolo Banchero delivered a double-double of 15 points and 10 rebounds. P.J. Hall scored 17 points to lead Clemson.


  1. Life evolves and so should we. Just keep getting better and doing your best.🥰💕👍💯

  2. may i ask, is it illegal to live basketball games or upload replay games for duke womens basketball ?

  3. Dabo coaching the basketball team to play dirty, too?

  4. That should be a multi-game suspension on Collins. No room for that in the game. Glad that he came over to the Duke bench to apologize, but losing half a game isn’t enough when you try to take a player out like that.

  5. I usually wait for Draftmatic uploads but this is great

  6. MWill tries to break the rim wit every dunk. Geez. Lol.

  7. if he is doing this with so many people watching, he's doing much worse when nobody or less people seeing. fuck this guy. close the book on this career.

  8. Saw that on Chinese TikTok and come over to see the game. And man this asshole shouldn’t be part of anything team.

  9. I'm a Carolina guy .. and even if it is Duke, no one deserves that

  10. that was a terrible foul..thanks for the ACC game

  11. Hell nah them duke players some hoes how collins walk off the court untouched smh

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