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Duke v. UCF March Madness 2019 classic (FULL GAME)

March Madness
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Watch this March Madness instant classic between Duke and UCF, one of the best games of the 2019 NCAA tournament. The game was billed as a matchup between Tacko Fall vs. Zion Williamson.

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  1. Even watching it again, still dont know how that shot didnt go down


  3. If that wasn’t tacko’s 5th he would’ve gotten that rebound on the missed FT

  4. No one gon talk about that clutch shot from reddish they would’ve lost without it but I’ll leave it alone

  5. I remember watching this with my friend and we were seaming of joy and fear go duke

  6. im a duke fan, but lets be real. dawkins or Taylor should've won ucf the game

  7. I was literally dreaming about Zion and woke up to this video playing

  8. Dude flopped at 14 seconds and it cost them. Tako fall paid for it. They should've fouled Zion and put him on the line before he made it to the basket

  9. Classic robbery. Man this busted all my parlays cost me 50Gs. Like 12 bad calls against ucf in the last 4 minutes of the game. Complete robbery NCAA is all about money and zion if the draw

  10. You should show the full game in the 2019 march madness of VCU vs UCF.

  11. Carolina College basketball is the best but sadly they aren't doing the same in the NBA.

  12. Bruh that missed putback looks like it hurt so bad.

  13. RJ pushed off on the rebound and taco didn’t foul zion

  14. UCF had seven chances at the end to win the game

  15. That last place look like a foul

  16. Zion looks skinny, believe it or not compared to how he looked in NBA bubble play

  17. OOH! Yes college basketball here right comes fellas.

  18. first 20 minutes in and zion looks tired and not warmed up.

  19. The last seconds made me break my table…LOL
    It was an insane game

  20. Unbelievable that this man Aubrey Dawkins went undrafted

  21. Did not even mention Johnny Dawkins son Aubrey n the beginning, huge error in broadcasting, it was a great backstory to set up the game ; )

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