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Duke v. UCF March Madness 2019 classic (FULL GAME)

March Madness
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Watch this March Madness instant classic between Duke and UCF, one of the best games of the 2019 NCAA tournament. The game was billed as a matchup between Tacko Fall vs. Zion Williamson.

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  1. Tacko should have been fouled out he clearly hacked Zion on a crucial no call.

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  3. If UCF could've just secured the rebound when Zion missed that free throw.

  4. As a UCF fan we should have won this game

  5. Almost choke by Duke why was Columbia the host city

  6. Barrett pushed off.. but that guy also did not secure the box out

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  8. UCF was 1 rebound away from Hank having to get a cat

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  10. The free throws with 1:09 left, an obvious lane violation by #15 for UCf, wasn’t even close. No one seemed to notice??? Other than that, he played a great game.

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  12. The best basketball game I’ve ever went to. Only 2 hours from home

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  17. I think we can all agree that this was the best March Madness tournament ever.

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  30. This fouls on basketballs are smthn hard to understand

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  35. UCF should have won this game tbh, soooo close at the end. Plus Tacko fouling out was wild too

  36. It's so crazy how Tacko Fall and Zion were so impactful to their teams yet one isn't nearly as much of a star. I hope Zion can make it to Tacko's level at some point.

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