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Drones INSIDE basketball games

Cleo Abram
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NCAA March Madness is here! If you’re watching, you might see the games captured on drones. Here’s what they look like and what it means for college basketball.

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  1. Allowing cameras to share space with and potentially even get in the way of athletes isn't unknown in sports. Road cycling has cameras on motorbikes on the same road as the cyclists.

  2. Why watch when I can get the same angles from my Ps5?

  3. As a professional pilot, I love this but also, it’s gonna take 1 mistake for these to be banned from all indoor sporting events in the future. Many precautions are taken before a flight like this but some things are just out of a pilot’s control

  4. @corridorcrew when you talk about grounding your shots. Does this change the game

  5. Imagine someone throws a completely off three and hits the drone

  6. It's not the first drone over a live basketball game. C'mon.

  7. So, basically, American sports is reported on prehistoric equipment?

  8. Take an I stance of players running into the referees. Doesn't happen very often, but does happen. How long until a player or ball runs into a drone?

  9. Is the court actually large enough to justify this? Longer lenses ought to be able to get just about any shot you want without flying hardware, just can’t move around terribly well.

  10. Until a drone fails and crashes into a player or audience members

  11. They should use drones in hokey games

  12. I love everything about your shorts, I can learn about things that are actually interesting from someone with a likeable personality 🥰 just pure positives

  13. I’m totally surprised that they didn’t use spidercam for these kinds of shots? Especially when so many other sports around the world have used them for so long?
    I wonder why they went this route?
    Especially considering potential for injury or disruption to players and fans with things like: noise, down drafts from props, impact injury, if worst case a drone falls out the sky- not to mention the short flight times for fpvs etc.
    Is it because of the big scoreboard in the middle of the roof line that they chose drones over spidercams?

  14. how and why do you have an old school map of Denmark in the background?

  15. Just wait until they start selling VR drone perspectives for games. That's where the money will be

  16. how about distraction? the noice is discussable, but seeing something fly around all the time?

  17. I can't wait for the overzealous DP who on the fly thinks of a cinematic style shot that would only work in a controlled environment but is crazy enough to think it would work during a live sporting event. Get the popcorn out.

  18. It would be great to see a video on drone noise tech

  19. That excitement in her voice, those expressions. She is one hell of an amazing person ❤️❤️

  20. Drones create irritating noise for both players and audience, and their thrust can alter ball movement

  21. If a player missed a free throw because of the drone 😂 RIP Pilot

  22. I looked at that backdrop every single day as a kid. Crazy seeing it as a niche map in the background of a YouTube short 20 years later.

  23. They used blimp drones in some pro sports. Much safer but can instruct some viewing. New propeller designs are nearly silent. Looking forward to no more buzzing

  24. why dont they use cameras on a cable like they do in european football?

  25. We were the first people in the world to livestream a sport from a drone. We did it for Polo. First ones to use it for polo

  26. Who cares. I don’t need new angles to appreciate a good sport. They are messing with football too. Espn has different views now and they are lame. Why do they have to mess with everything?

  27. i honestly cant tell if that drone shot of the free throw was real life or 2k.

  28. She even likes 🏀? 😮

    She's taken = proof God hates me😢😂

  29. you look to my eyes like angalina jolli😅

  30. Yo,Sista',Escondido,CA.,has a co. that produces "mini"drones; diff. types 4 diff. purposes!(excuse me,gt 2 go chex the windows! LOL!!)DOING A GREAT JOB WITH YOUR VIDS!🌻🐧🤳

  31. The pilot that you’ve shown is an fpv pilot and the shot wasn’t from an fpv drone. It had gimbal on it. Just pointing an inaccuracy

  32. With the technology of the cameras used today, the drone doesn't have to fly close to the players to get a shot like they are close to the players. They have a high zoom ability and could be flying over the crowd and still get close up shots of the players and coaches.

  33. 2030 or 2035 those angles will be the norm

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