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Drake vs #2 Iowa Women Basketball Game Highlights 11 19 2023

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Drake vs #2 Iowa Women Basketball Game Highlights 11 19 2023
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  1. Without the consistent 3's and ability to drive to the basket from Taylor McCabe Iowa will get bounced in the 1st or 2nd round of the tournament…just an observation. Go online, and look at anything you can find on McCabe from high school and up. 400 3 pointers in HS clark is good but unless she has someone like McCabe its not going to mean anything. No one else on the team is a pure shooter like Taylor is.

  2. Clark got no defense , standing around mostly all the time , with no help

  3. What i´m not liking it is CC´s transition game has regressed at least in these first 5 games, like the only person she trust to make that pass is Stuelke, so Iowa is losing a lot of fast break oportunities. Looks like she´s too cautious trying to prevent a TO and is going too much coast-to-coast instead of pushing the ball ahead like we are so used to.

    She can score on drives but it looks like defenses are doing a great job of denying her the lanes, so she has to back up and pass the ball instead. I think she misses Warnock the most, she was the one other than Monika who could catch those whip passes and find a way to score, I´m not liking Gabby and Kate on fastbreaks, she doesnt trust Goodman too, so they´re basically killing the part of the game CC enjoys the most

  4. CC drops 35 and many dimes. Chick is straight up badass!

  5. Letting Drake score 90 ain’t gonna cut it tho :/

  6. Im telling u teams listen to me!!! All u have to do is trap Clark or double team her most of the game she may get a few off but she gets flustered and makes mistakes orrrr !! U put ur best fast defender on her !! She is the push off queen !! Plain and simple thats all u have to do !!

  7. Some of the worst defense I've ever seen

  8. Gamecocks have beaten 2 top fifteen teams by 30 plus points and beat Clemson by 69 points while scoring over 100 points in all three games. Iowa is DOA if they face South Carolina this year. And you can tell Kaitlin Day Lewis to shut her piehole if she has something to say about Raven Johnson not being able to shoot. Kaitlin Clark CGFH.

  9. Marshall not in a good shape….not even a shot…

  10. Thank you Caitlin for being a great role model for the young girls! Best player in college basketball!!

  11. Caitlin Clark being Caitlin Clark… what a special player! Future is bright for CC

  12. As an Iowa fan, the amount of hate watchers we seem to get in the comments is abnoxious. Grow up, you fucking wierdos.

  13. I hope the coaches noted how they were killing us inside. Zero defense down low.

  14. Go Hawkeyes watching from Belmont Mississippi 😊

  15. If you smack Catlin in the face, you will be on the floor checking your teeth and you never called either foul

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