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Drake, Justin Bieber, and Quavo trash talk during private basketball game!

Omar Raja – ESPN
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  1. Guess being a hooper hooper, I only see them as average 😆. No hate tho

  2. Quavo and Justin both leftys! Ayyyye! Had no clue

  3. Justin Bieber is actually cold af at hockey , basketball & soccer . It’s crazy . Even neymar said Justin Bieber has professional athlete qualities

  4. Drake definitely see it, Quavo he plays football so of course he good on the courts, but Justin I didn’t know he could play. He would definitely break my ankles

  5. Quavo got his own Card in NBA 2k that says enough

  6. Drakes shot looking way better than that Kentucky warm up lmao

  7. So you never showed any of the trash talk? Kind of garbage content my guy, consider keeping your day job.

  8. I like the song Justin made was I feel funny

  9. Justin pretty good? 😂 you got some low standards.

  10. Ohhh you meant Walmart VanVleet, Justin Bieber and Quavo trash talk… XD
    No hate, love all of them

  11. hey, Omar, im an up and coming artist and I can't WAIT to be at these runs and the nba celebrity game, im trying to drop 30-40, how ever I played semi pro

  12. I swear you post this same shit all the time

  13. “Best celebrity basketball game ever” proceeds to talk about bum ass celebrities who can barely play. Lmao bruh just said Justin Bieber and drake😂😂😂😂😂

  14. I'm impressed. They all play like pretty good high school girls.

  15. Drake trash talking was more like yowie wowie and okie dokie

  16. Can't wait to see Chris Brown beat Quavo 🔥

  17. Quavo shooting form is trash!!! 🤣🤣. Somebody glitched they MyPlayer. Lol

  18. Quavo is probably the most legitimate athlete from all of them but it's nice that Drake and Justin really balls and puts in work when they got free time.

  19. Justin Bieber… the only one on the court who didn’t hit puberty 🤣

  20. Trash ass game!!! Put on a show get the fuck out of here!!!

  21. The fact that Master P was one of the only rappers to be in the NBA is crazy..some of these celebrities do have great talent on the court frfr

  22. Bruh these niggas lucky Chris Breezy wasn’t there to give buckets on all they heads

  23. No one cares where you were…. Blocking your boring channel now

  24. Quavos shot motion is terrible but dude splashes lol

  25. Knock down shooter? Doubt it ! I seen him airball before.

  26. How many fanny shoulder bags do you think were at that gym…

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