DON'T MAKE MIKEY MAD!! Mikey Williams WILD Game On Senior Night Goes Down To The Wire! -

DON’T MAKE MIKEY MAD!! Mikey Williams WILD Game On Senior Night Goes Down To The Wire!

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JJ Taylor, 26 points, 11 rebounds, 5 blocks
Ty Ingram, 14 points
Mikey Williams, 8 points, 12 assists

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  1. what basketball are they using? just wondering

  2. theres just no effort like whats the point 🤣

  3. Damn Mikey haven't grown an inch since he been in high school. Where as people (Bryce James or Cj McCullom etc) that come in 5’6 or 5’8 in freshman year and be 6’4/6’6

  4. Air balling the game winning layup is astronomically tuff😭😭

  5. I would love to know what these refs in California or anywhere are smoking every one on that court should have fouled out 😂😂😂

  6. We gonna ignore the opening play being a flagrant?😂


  8. This is literally the worst basketball I’ve ever seen. This sport is done

  9. Y’all ruined basketball giving nobodies mixtapes

  10. No offense but this game was stupid. SY was up double digits in the 3rd, but lazy playstyle made it an unnecessary nail biter. Half that starting lineup along with Mikey needs to be in college because this isn't even a challenge for them. I don't wanna see anymore high school footage from this crew, lmao

  11. How is he going to taunt him when he fouled him 💀 like be humble

  12. I dnt thin MW is goin be a good college player his attitude is terrible and I feel he not hungry Ronnie great no more. He was supposed to leave that environment and go to a real basketball program. Only future will tell though wish him best

  13. Exactly how I am I know that reaction actions talk

  14. ill piss dat nicca off he wont do shii😂😂

  15. anybody know what shoes #5 on mikey's team got on ?

  16. Not gone lie if I was dude in the beginning I would’ve beat his ass

  17. Mikey Williams Ready For Pro's I Know 😉

  18. what is the name of the guy in pink sneakers from mikey thymus ????

  19. jj had a far better stat line why put mikey in the title

  20. Number 2 has no defense at all. Just a offense bag. Let Mikey run the point n play your role. This shit feel like rec basketball

  21. Don’t make Mikey mad or he will shoot you 🔫🔫🔫

  22. Don’t make him mad or he’ll shoot at your car

  23. both teams are good i just don't see ether one playing a lick of defense

  24. dont piss him off cause he will shoot you

  25. It hurts that he is in prison now he had so much potential

  26. Watching 2024 now people know to not piss him off

  27. Wow he tore it up with his 9 points the guy he was guarding had a field day besides 1 block stop hyping him up he's not that great sorry

  28. He needs his attitude checked , HARD !

  29. What you mean don't make him mad? he didn't do SH*T, hell number 3 on black was torching yall

  30. We not gone talk about how fine Mikey’s little sister is 😅

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