Dodge Basketball - NBA Star Boban Marjanović vs Jimmy Kimmel -

Dodge Basketball – NBA Star Boban Marjanović vs Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Dallas Mavericks center Boban Marjanović joins Jimmy in a game of “Dodge Basketball” where they each get 30 seconds to make as many free throws as possible, but with the added bonus of being bombarded by angry children with rubber balls. #GameNight #NBAFinals

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  1. Lets make this into a real sport! Get the guys from TNT inside the NBA to do commentary and the post match show. Instant ratings!

  2. jimmy should had invite ben simmons next time💯💯

  3. This is how Steph Curry practises his free throws – this is why nothing can distract him

  4. Kids had a hard time head hunting Boban. They were probably straining just to get the ball up that high with any velocity

  5. boban doesn't need to be an nba superstar he is a superstar at life

  6. Boban the 22 year old father of 10 year old…is my idol

  7. Boban will shine in holywood after his basketball career

  8. I was disappointed boban didn’t throw that ball it jimmy hard enough he really is a nice guy

  9. Boban is definitely the most beloved NBA player in the league. How could you ever dislike him, he’s living the dream & is just a really great guy

  10. Dallas hardly use him ( he is still with Dallas right?)

  11. I like how he holds basketballs like how we hold baseballs

  12. Boban is so sweet person. We love you in Serbia 🇷🇸
    Bobane, mnogo te volimo i voleli bi da budes uz reprezentaciju ove jeseni.

  13. Jimmy: "That was terrfying.."
    Boban: "That was fun!"

  14. Considering he's only 22 years old he has a really bright future ahead.

  15. Glad Boban is 22. He got a large career in NBA

  16. Hope to see that man actually suit up for the Rockets

  17. some IG basketball trainers probably getting inspired from this lol

  18. Not bad for 22 years old basket ball player that have 10 year old son

  19. 1:45 jimmy almost throw a basketball at the kids caught himself last min🤣

  20. this should be a part of practice for Boban from here on out…no distractions

  21. Lucas Rocha de Oliveira 허샤 루카스 says:

    Ngl i thought it was jimmy BUTLER 😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Fun fact… Jimmy kimmel is 6'10 which makes this even more outrageous

  23. Jimmy NO Buckets, (see what I did there?)❤️🏀

  24. Jimmy can I create dodge basketball in irl

  25. Boban ironically made more free throws than Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Simmons combined

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