DIY Dirt backyard basketball court -

DIY Dirt backyard basketball court

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We made a very useable and fun basketball court made of dirt. Yes, best if you have a clay soil. Clear off the grass and rake down the lumpy spots. But it does self-level as you play. Yes, you have to wait a while after a rain but it dries fairly quickly. Before paying big bucks for concrete, give this a shot! My son loves this court and plays every day. You will be surprised. Dribbling is not an issue!


  1. Awesome court. I was wondering, what if you'd place a thick and hard tarp over the clay surface. Would that still provide bounce.

  2. nice! looks like a court in the Phillipines hehee. But it's cleaner though

  3. How did you mount the basketball hoop to the tree?

  4. Me and my friends also created an diy basketball court with woods and we did not spend any money on it also.

  5. Nice court. I grew up playing on a dirt court, had soft dirt though. Ha after a couple of games it would be all dusty. But my cousin years later got that court hardened with lots of watering.🏀👍✌

  6. This is exactly,what I have did in my garden for playing basketball….
    I was thinking that,Only I am the one,who did it…But,I was wrong…A huge respect for you Sir..
    I wanna have some talk with you….😊😊😊😊😊😊😊🙏

  7. Does any one know what the best dirt to use is I’m tryna build one but don’t know what type of dirt to use please respond!!!!

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