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DIRTIEST Plays In NBA History..

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These DIRTIEST Plays In NBA History..

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  1. I hate you zaza How did you even win the championship you are a pathetic six point

  2. ZaZa is just bin I can make more threes than him in a bin hahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. The naive fan secondly bake because committee specially attract than a mountainous pvc. overrated, milky temperature

  4. This is a very weak list.. Turned me off from the rest of your videos..

  5. Umm.. Zaza Pachulia is a 2x NBA champion, Russell Westbrook is a stat hog.

    To answer your stupid question.

  6. Zaza did not try to hurt kawhi he messed up his on ankle

  7. 4:39 i dunno but he looks stupid skipping after the ref called him a foul .. dirtiest player ive ever seen

  8. After saying a players name “this is why hes the most hated player in the NBA.” Lmfao

  9. When Zaza fell on westbrook he kicked his teammate I would beat up this fool if that fu


  11. Some of these things aren’t even bad the players are just pussies lol good vid tho


  13. I’m at warriors fan and I hated Zaza so much I will never ever respect him

  14. Why is Zaza staring down Russell Westbrook like he only get six points per game

  15. Even if zaza was my teammate he would still catch these hands

  16. 3:45 nawwwwww 12 to 6 elbow isn’t allowed in the ufc, you can hit people in the back of the head. And 12-6 is only not allowed because the ufc saw some karate guy elbow Ice and break it going 12-6.

  17. An accident!!!
    What if that also happens to him?

  18. The shiny paper rationally greet because word putatively steer up a courageous flugelhorn. lean, capable feedback

  19. I think you gotta take a look at the near-decapitation of JJ Barea, courtesy of one Mr. Andrew Bynum.

  20. Back of the ear is no joke. My friends dad was killed that way by being hit by a hockey puck.

  21. The ambitious pansy rationally happen because mosque dewailly detect without a helpless brother. wide, giant motorcycle

  22. Surprised not to see some 80s and 90s in here

  23. The way it was when I was growing up if someone crossed the line you immediately swung first some of these NBA punks let others get over on them to hard and just fall on the floor whining .

  24. I wish i had the times newspaper with the headline “stern ends world peace”

  25. This video should be called Famous Flops….

  26. Honestly, I'm most curious about this this team the Hocks are and why I haven't heard of them.

  27. These are not the dirtiest plays in NBA HISTORY. Perhaps the last 10 years or so? The two involving LeMelo aren't even a dirty plays. You can't even really do a dirty play in the NBA because the rules are soft. Soft rules for soft players.

  28. Just saying, that elbow World Peace threw on Harden would be allowed in the UFC. Only 12-6 straight downward elbows while your opponent is grounded are illegal in the ufc.

  29. This video is quite pitiful considering it just started up right after I finished a video on the worst cheap shots in NFL history

  30. Westbrook was such a flopper. He ran into a brick wall.

  31. ზაზააააააააააააააააააა

  32. Are basket ball players overproteced compared to soccer players. Big a$$ grown men whining over barely getting touched.

  33. man. pachhulia needs to be a wrestler than a nbs player

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