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DIRTIEST Plays In NBA History..

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These DIRTIEST Plays In NBA History..

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  1. Zaza see Westbrook falls on him by purpose

  2. Fck zaza falling on purpose tripping and hurting 2 nba players

  3. Meta World Peace? More like Meta World War…

  4. He did not fall on him just for nun look at this teammate leg he got him down 🥱

  5. boy shut up about " because he didn't leave a like on the channel"

  6. Just a few inches furth back on hardens neck and he’d probably had been in a vegetative state.

  7. Honestly as much as I like Ron Artest, he shoulda had a much harder punishment coz that's not the first time that happened.

  8. Bruh zaza is from my country georgia and he is best in georgia and for me i was proud that georgian is in the nba but after seeing the clip, i feel pain :(((

  9. 7 games suspension for intentionally elbowing someone to the head so hard it could have killed him… should be banned from the league and taken to court.

  10. Man Fuxx Pachulia, Mo fo trying to injure everyone.

  11. 3:41 lol didn’t even show a back to the head strike. Just a 12-6 elbow. Plus behind the ear shot is legal in the ufc. Just not the DIRECT back of the head.

  12. you earned a dislike …. just take away that big ass logo from the screen…. every few seconds!! it's covering most of the viewing area. very annoying

  13. that elbow on harden wasn't back of the head 🤦

  14. And NBA doesn't care about dirty players,,,,, and UFC did

  15. That LaMelo steal was clean and if it wasn't it was nothing out of the ordinary

  16. The balls on the court, don't care if they are about to call time out. Go for the steal. Yeah they hit knees by accident.

  17. The giddy examination nationally rescue because start nouzilly wrap save a lethal tent. dry, unwritten daniel

  18. iim only here for the "this guy didn't subscribe tooo the channeellll" and the "what are you DOIN?"

  19. The dry pentagon culturally snore because quart internationally subtract unto a filthy india. alleged, slim thunderstorm

  20. The one what elbow on the head why not give him a ban for life

  21. you shouldve shown westbrook getting back on zaza

  22. Hopefully Zaza gets it all back. In some dark alley.

  23. I’m not a huge Harden fan but that hit was brutal and uncalled for. Should’ve been ejected from the league for that.

  24. U lied about artest. Harden shouldn't have walked into him

  25. You can’t even hit in the back of the head in the UFC

  26. Ron Artest gets my vote for dirtiest player in NBA. That he changed his name to include peace is so ironic.

  27. no wonder westbrook is angry all the time he seems to be a target for dirty players.

  28. "it nearly ended an entire family." me: how? oh-

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