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DBPG: Top 5 NES Basketball Games

Drink a Beer and Play a Game
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Drink a Beer and Play a Game Present the Top 5 NES Basketball Games.

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  1. No way it's clear cut, guys! You had an option for a whole season on Tecmo, that was a main seller and still is for me.

  2. I have never just went crazy with any basketball game really, like I have with football or baseball. I agree that Arch-Rivals was #1 out of the NES, though it is more because of lack of competition.

  3. huh, I just got through playing one game of each NES basketball game, on an emulator against the computer, and my top 5 is very close, the only difference is i put Harlem Globetrotters in 3. (Roundball 2 on 2 came in 9th out of the 10 basketball games for me)

  4. great list you guys i luv dis 😎💯🍻🍻🍻

  5. exactly arch rivals was the origal nba jam💯💯💯💯💯💯

  6. my top 5
    1. Arch rivals
    2. tecmo NBA basketball
    3. Magic Johnson's fast break
    4. Jordan vs bird
    5. double dribble

  7. I had Hoops, Double Dribble and one of the ones you had in the bottom 10. Double Dribble is my #1.

  8. No love for Jordan vs Bird? I had lots of fun playing that game, until Tecmo NBA Basketball came out, and then later on, I upgraded to the Sega, and played my all-time fav basketball game, NBA Jam!

  9. NBA Jam is the best Bball game ever made? You're showing your philly IQ.

  10. Honestly, tecmo basketball should be at number one

  11. Game on 0:57 is not on that list that was awesome basketball game

  12. Basketball is the worst sport represented on NES. Baseball, football, hockey etc are all still fun and playable today. I can't bring myself to waste time on NES basketball instead of playing NBA 2K. Ugh. But great video as always!

  13. you know why people love beer? because they are not happy

  14. Well, speaking of punching, i think "Nekketsu Street Basket" takes streetball to the next level.

  15. Arch Rivals is my favorite by far Thanks for the reminder

  16. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  17. Techmo basketball was the greatest game all the way up until nba live 95

  18. Double drible is the best games ever iam play my son

  19. Dude! Arch rivals is exactly what I was looking for. I just remembered the "fighting" 🏀 game. Thanks

  20. tecmo nba basketball 🏀 blows all of your other choices out of the water there's no way the others games come close not even in the same league…

  21. Idk what's your issue but Tecmo NBA Basketball was without doubt #1. The controls were great, maybe you were too noob with the combination of the buttons. Anyways, it's number 1 in my book and pretty sure many does too. ✌️

  22. Hoops made for a very disappointing Christmas for my brother and I. It would not only take beer but also therapy before playing that again

  23. I played TAITO Basketball as a kid and I kinda expected it to be here. 😀 Oops.

  24. My favorite as a kid was double dribble. Glad it made the list.

  25. I'll take Hoops by just a tiny margin with Tecmo 3rd despite it's shortcomings.

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