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Dallas woman, 21, shot to death over basketball game

FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth
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Asia Womack’s family says she was in a pickup game at the park playing against the guy who is said to have shot her, and she won. The family also says there was trash talk, too.

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  1. smdh! R.I.P. Asia. This is an incomprehensible, sad, senseless act.

  2. They play a lot of basketball in prison.

  3. Seriously when are we gonna have a national conversation about how we’re our worst enemy not white folks this is beyond sad and pathetic Rest In Peace sis 🙏🏾

  4. Maybe she get rejected by her in the past and hold grudges? 😔 Weak man is dangerous.

  5. This is a Weakest Horrible Thing. I Love Basketball 🏀🏀🏀. When I was Young, You play to Win.Lose or Draw I congrats 👏🎉 to the Person that played with not killed him. Prayers and Condolences to the Family.

  6. Prisons and corporal punishment were created was a reason.
    Some people can’t function in everyday society, regardless of all the pills and money you throw at them.
    Cut off the leg and save the body.

  7. This is why bitch made dudes with egos shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun. Killed her because of a lost game? Would love to see him try that with the other prisoners he will be living with 😂.

  8. This is totally disgusting. When I was a young women I was really good at tennis and a few times played young men and beat them. They were men and definitely stronger and faster than me, but did not play regularly as I did or receive lessons as I did from my fiance, who was an outstanding player. What I lacked in strength compared to them I made up for in skill and strategy. With the exception of my brother, it bothered none of them. My brother never played me again, but he got over it. I can't imagine I man getting this upset over the loss to a woman. No friend at all, how devastating. I feel for her poor family and hope they catch this man soon.

  9. Sorry for your loss mama, we as a people got to do better with our anger management this is beyond senseless

  10. See my Playlist of gun violence updated daily says:

    Maybe giving everyone easy access to guns wasn't such a great idea.

  11. Weird kids these days. Thank the parents of this terrible generation 😮

  12. Give me that ball 🏀 boy😤😁💢💥

  13. Taking someone life over a basketball game no he need to pay for his ack that's a woman he need to be lock up for life

  14. Bitcoin is the future investing in it now is the wisest thing to do now especially with the current rise

  15. Nobody talking about the Trash talking part of the interview Words are Everything people! out of context looks like an innocent victim but in the hood where she lives respect is Everything and disrespect will get you killed especially when its someone that knows your dirt and they speak on it.

  16. He is a waste of space.I hope all prayers reach her family, this is sad.

  17. this guy is no man. i hope he gets it in prison

  18. Shooting her made him look more embarrassing ,just take the L kid

  19. What did she deserve to be shot? Usually someone doesn't shot any one over anything. Wonder if she was talking shii

  20. the most N thing in the history of N moments.

  21. funny when you say may justice be served? When the owner of the prison is going to reap the benefits of this guy in prison. $280.00 -$320.00 a day for them to house a prisoner. The prison owners reap the benefits and the love ones get to foot the bill for the dead….. And still the tax payers pay for it? Interesting system America has….

  22. Honestly, this is why I am afraid to compete with anybody in anything. People hate to lose. and they become sore losers. So sore that they will even murder someone.

  23. May those like that man who shot Asia realize that being jealous is still not okay to hurt, and kill somebody, at all.

  24. Some friend you killed the girl over a basketball game how petty can you be

  25. Just insane! 😥 RIP my sister! 😥

  26. All he had to do is make up a bs lie and say "I wasn't trying because she a female"

  27. Wow My condolences to her family taking a young lady’s life over a damn basketball game. Hopefully he’s caught and Asia’s mother and the rest of her family get the justice they deserve.

  28. This one right here though..this one mite be the dumbest and the most extra super stupidest and cowardly thing I think I ever heard…

  29. It would probably help if someone would provide coward/low-life's name + photo

  30. Man I'm tired of reading about these cowardly boys today cuz they are not men , shooting and killing our young girls, this ridiculous. What is wrong with our young men today We are suppose to protect our girls not kill them.

  31. Too many useless killings. We need to practice what we preach When we say BLM.. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

  32. Oh, the inmates are going to beat more than that!

  33. Unbelievable!! 💁🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️

  34. They was just having fun. She died but they had fun. You know ignorant type stuff.

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