Dallas Mavericks vs Philadelphia 76ers NBA FULL GAME 04.02.2022 - bestfungamesll.com

Dallas Mavericks vs Philadelphia 76ers NBA FULL GAME 04.02.2022

Time for Basketball FULL GAME
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Dallas Mavericks vs Philadelphia 76ers NBA FULL GAME 04.02.2022
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  1. bro memorized lebrons movments.. meat riding is crazy

  2. Dallas should retire that jersey, its horrific

  3. I would like to hear an NBA announcer talking about someone doing normal things. "The MVP of this dinner is Thomas with 3 servings of mash potatoes and 4 dinner rolls." "It was all him tonight".

  4. Gracias por subir éste partido, vaya remontada de Dallas, espero que subas partidos completos de ésta temporada, tienes nuevo suscriptor 😉💪🤠

  5. So beautiful inside and out ! Love you !!! ❤️

  6. danny green lol haha doc rivers lol what are u thinking coach?

  7. That one lady constantly screaming from the crowd has driven me insane

  8. Is it just me or was the nba dropping hella subliminal messages on the Ben Simmons deal before it went down??🤔

  9. Luka is so pro. I wonder what would happen if he 1v1 LEBRON

  10. can we get wizards cavs overtime game from 2017?

  11. NBA is getting ridiculous. Race is injected into everything now, pro black at the expense of other ethnicities – how is this not just further dividing people and spurring racism? Also token woman ref as a signal of virtuous equity. I’d love to see her shoot a layup or 3 pointer and show how much she “deserves” to be on the court reffing NBA players.

  12. Luka’s wearing the ugliest shoes I’ve ever seen in my life.

  13. How come now days, in the NBA these guys can try to sink the ball for around 10 minutes without any success … it feels like college basketball or even lower like what the heck… the basketball of the 90s wasn't that way now it looks a bit of a trash.

  14. i'm waiting for homie to poke somebody's eye out with that messed up pointy multi colored do

  15. bro they sucking embid off all game wtf

  16. do you know there are 12 mins of state fram insurance ads not to mention 25 mins more of dumb ass begging commericals during this game. bro youtube and google are sabotaging your ratings.

  17. yeah every 3 min some stupid sabotage ad popps up. i gotta unsubscribe. i can't watch this channel

  18. "Alright 76'ers from Statefarm, what are you wearing? Uhhh kaki's.. "

  19. This is the first basketball game I've ever watched in my 29 years. I'm hooked, this is incredible.

  20. That background rumbling. Was that added to the video. Or was that part of the sounds in the arena? If that was added later. That sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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