Curry Drills 12 Threes Including The Game-Winner | #NBATogetherLive Classic Game -

Curry Drills 12 Threes Including The Game-Winner | #NBATogetherLive Classic Game

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Steph Curry knocks down 12 threes, including the deep game-winner, as the Golden State Warriors visit the Oklahoma City Thunder in an instant classic on February 27, 2016.

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  1. The GSW missed a lot of layups that's why they were always trailing. If not for Steph's and Klay's 3ptrs it shld have been different or worse maybe even lose the game

  2. Best Regular Season Game of All-time. BAAAANG!

  3. Watching this game I remember knowing the shot was in. I don’t even remember any of the misses from curry. Felt like everything went in and the way he just launched that hoe from the logo I knew there was no way he was missing that.

  4. You know that was a great shot if that commentator said bang twice

  5. Watching this remind me of how sorry kd is for leaving to go to that team

  6. Ive been a fan of the warriors since B.D classic dunk n jersey pull up bt I became a warriors fan in like 09'10

  7. I've watched this game at least 5 or 6 times. NOT counting the 4 to 6 minutes highlight videos of the last minutes of the game that are out there.. What cracks me up the most, is watching how animated and frustrated the fans keep getting everytime Steph drains another 3… There's 2 guys especially,, about 6 rows up, just to the right of the stairway (one in dark shirt, one in gray shirt) at the Warriors end of the court..The guy the on right i think is rooting for the warriors because keeps tapping his buddy everytime steph hits one and towards the end the other guy gets tired of it and shoves him back.LOL.. But the best, is when Steph is coming down the court just before he hits Big shot at the end,..Fans either got their hands on their heads already, or are covering their eyes.. Like they knew what about to happen… LOL…Steph showed the world why he is The Baby Faced Assassin… He's a cold-blood killer.. especially on the road..

  8. I see y Durant left in the last min of the game

  9. just watched this post punch. they were still talking about Draymonds temper even then. fuck that guy man

  10. steven is like karaiskakis our national hero against turks in 1821…love it

  11. "we asked Kevin Durant if he watches golden state when he's not playing"

    Well after the playoffs he definitely did lol 😂😂

  12. The Chicago bulls theme at the end made it like 100% better

  13. Bro wtf Westbrook doing!!!😂😂😂

  14. Everybody knew where they were at during this game, I Sure do

  15. This shows how worse can westbrook play like, 😅

  16. Most replayed moment is KD picking his nose 🤣

  17. That's why he's the goat, the goat. Curry with 3 3's in a row!!!

  18. Wow Curry checked into the game then casually erased 10 okc lead in less than 2 minutes!! Chef 🔥🔥

  19. This is the game where KD decided to request a trade

  20. 2022 and still giving me chillllssss. Damn steph💯🔥

  21. Good thing Curry made that shot or else this might be the "KD picks his nose meme" game.

  22. it still fucks me up how that game went in the moment man basketball at it’s purity

  23. 1:55:19
    They got durant digging for gold and kept zooming in on him going at it….

  24. They do have a timeout, decide not to use it, curry, way downtown BAANGG BAAANG OH WHAT A SHOT FROM CURRY with 6/10ths of a second remaining!

  25. 2022 AND still watching this epic Curry performance

  26. I’m coming here once a month. It’s him since 2016

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