Croatia vs. USA ft Michael Jordan & The Dream Team - Basketball Replays | Throwback Thursday -

Croatia vs. USA ft Michael Jordan & The Dream Team – Basketball Replays | Throwback Thursday

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Enjoy this look back at the thrilling match-up between Croatia and Team USA’s Dream Team from the Summer Olympic Games 1992 in Barcelona, Spain.

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  1. black bar borders are better than blurry nothing bars of the same video.

    That said, thank you for posting this video.

  2. Karl malone body is just like heavyweight boxer

  3. As we now know, MJ took Toni Kukoc personally.

  4. Александр Копытенко says:

    Лучшая игра в истории баскетбола !

  5. am I the only one who enjoys watching the games without any commentary. it's a better and more organic experience.

  6. Drazen the real OG, hitting pull up treys then guarding MJ on the other end 🔥

  7. Bump Them For Isiah Thomas Not Being On The Dream Team.

  8. Better than the Team USA we have today that lost to France

  9. El verdadero, único, mágico, maravilloso equipo, perfecto irrepetible, el mundo entero lo vivió , yo lo vi y no dormí muchos días pensando en este encuentro

  10. lol Magic Johnson kept standing up on his bad knee

  11. The greatest team in the history of Earth still missed A LOT of shots!

  12. Having no announcers made this 10x better. The ambience is incredible! Turned the volume up, felt like I was in that arena. Loved the seeing the camera panning of the fans and seeing the numerous nationalities witnessing greatness. The Dream Team is the reason international basketball is giving Tesm USA problems today, because of their influence around the world in 1992 to present.

  13. That intro with the sounds of all those basketballs bouncing is ASMR and music to ears! Love that sound!

  14. Toni Kukoč is a Croatian player and a former teammate of MJ & Scottie.

  15. Drazen Petrovic – basketball legend…

  16. 5:06 Croatia should have enlisted this Cleaner as a Point Guard :)That was a Clutch Dude Perfect trick shot

  17. The best team ever assembled on any floor of any game…ever!! The GOAT basketball team!

  18. The original Dream Team was missing two things, tattoos and bs.

  19. love how they called a foul on jordan.. then you could see he was pissed… stole it, dunked it. everythings ok now 11:05

  20. Is there a reason why you're not showing them actually play? Why am I looking at people eating ice cream in the audience?

  21. Basketball was a sport founded by a Canadian. But Canada don't care 😂😂

  22. The flippant laugh diagnostically smell because feature assembly film by a piquant south america. wonderful, forgetful examination

  23. I think the dream team can easily be beaten today.

  24. Give me 12 Drazens over the Dream Team…maybe. I think if I was going to war I'd take Drazen over any Dream Teamer. But that being said, the Dream Team is absolutely iconic. I forgot how Magic posted people up. Jordan has his intense angry face on in this game. He wanted this one.

  25. El 5 ideal , Pippen, Barkley, Jordán , Robinson ,Jonhson

  26. Croacia era un super equipo y aun así le sacaron mas de 30 puntos, el único dream team

  27. La nostalgia de mejores tiempos… Espero verlos juntos de nuevo …pisando una cancha, estadio lleno … Solo para reconocerles lo grandes que son…. Solo para eso…

  28. quien iba pensar q Barcelona sería la cuna del equipo soñado más grande del baloncesto de todos los tiempos . no habrá una época ni el mil años que pueda reunir un talento de ese deporte a ese nivel esos si eran los verdaderos galácticos originales.

  29. Just watch a moment of USA Vs France final game and simply switch to this game : )

  30. Imma start chewing gum when I hoop. It seems like chewing gun is a real life cheat code.

  31. These 2 teams wear probably best ever USA DREAM TEAM V POWERFULL CROATIA TEAM.



  32. I am looking for the Scottie Pippen layup. The one when he throws an alley oop like he's gonna pass it to someone else only to lay it up for 2 points.

  33. never though that dolph lundgren was NBA player too.. haha

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