CRAZY New Zealand's Haka v USA @ 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup -

CRAZY New Zealand’s Haka v USA @ 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup

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Watch the Tall Blacks do their famous Haka ahead of their game against the USA.

The 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup will take place in Spain from 30 August – 14 September and will feature the best international players from all continents.

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  1. It sad how America lost to Australia and Nigeria

  2. and then USA went on to slaughter new zealand

  3. In football that will be a threat. but basketball, that just traditional performance. (I like it however🤣)

  4. Every time I see a Haka I got tears in my eyes and goosebumps! It speaks to my soul!

  5. It’s the only culture still out there representing themselves and their countries heritage. The Maori people were the only ones I know of to defend and keep their land from the white man. Plenty of other countries fell and have lost their pride for their culture. Because of this the Maori people are known world wide and they live on till this day. Plus the ladies love it. Mad Respect.

  6. What's up with NZ players dancing & acting so aggressive?

  7. The haka made team USA look like a confused 8 year old innocent child

  8. Imagine this doin it in front of Craig and Smokey from Friday

  9. Yeah.. And what was the score of this basketball game…

  10. They shouldve brought the Rugby Team for support on the pitch..maybe they scored more points then..😂

  11. James Harden was like …. I'm sorry but I'm just here to play basketball

  12. The confusion on Team USA faces😂😂😂

  13. Guess who ended up winning 😂😂🪑🪑

  14. All that juste to get destroyed by the usa

  15. Stolen culture, leave to to the white man.

  16. Luego vemos el resultado usa 120-35 nz JAJAJAJAJ

  17. Looks like Kalkeya army in Bahubali movie😂

  18. Jajajajjaja otra vez eso???… Van a competir no hacer espectáculos regionales!!..🙄🙄

  19. Americans now nothing about international sport this definitely caught them off guard

  20. When you don't have a budget for a cheerleader team :

  21. I don't know who needs to read this, but this seems like the perfect opportunity to chuck up some shots from beyond half court right over the top of their war dance.

  22. Not sure why they are given leeway to do this at international events. Just weird.

  23. Steph Curry did the self realisation check after that.

  24. They put their heart and soul into that Haka only to lose by 60 directly after

  25. Bro team USA is so confused there all just like 🤔

  26. Lol this is def a Hawaii thing let's keep it there an leave it to their culture

  27. I think Curry was a little scared 😂😂😂

  28. We just love seeing New Zealand performing the Haka before each of their game. What about you? #goosebumps

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