CRAZIEST Ankle Breaker 😭 #shorts -

CRAZIEST Ankle Breaker 😭 #shorts

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  1. After the game the kid who fell “Ref dry the floor”💀

  2. You already know he is going to remember that fo the rest of his life

  3. The 2 kids that fell, great defence from the boys.

  4. That kid has better jukes irl than me in nba2k19 💀

  5. Nah he’s the new superhero super ankle breaker 😂

  6. Bro took his ankles and ate them for lunch

  7. Bro is a beast i bet he will make it to the NBA one day

  8. When press A to many times in 2k😂

  9. противники на ногах даже стоять не могут

  10. That toddler did better dribbling than any of my school team

  11. That kid is an absolute BEAST 👊🏻

  12. Bro with the white shirt just tryna show his falling skills💀

  13. Bro was America then went to Asia in a seconde😂😂😂😂

  14. Bro broke him so hard he had him teaching him how to do the splits on his back

  15. He took 3 peoples ankles in one play😂😂😂😂

  16. These 2-4 year olds play basketball better than i do💀

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