Coal Miner Covered in Dust Takes His Son to Basketball Game -

Coal Miner Covered in Dust Takes His Son to Basketball Game

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A coal miner, covered in coal dust, took his son to his first University of Kentucky Wildcats basketball game. Twenty-nine-year-old Michael McGuire works 10 hours a day, six days a week. He did not have enough time to take a shower and still get to the game to meet his wife and 3-year-old son, Easton. Wildcats coach, John Calipari, was so struck by the photo that he posted it online, where it went viral. Coach Calipari told the McGuire family he wants them to be his VIP guests at an upcoming home game.


  1. Can’t we just say mom takes son to a ball game after work???

  2. Well nobody will say it but that coal ash is loaded with mercury and is likely poisoning the father and the son from contact

  3. Where’s all the feminists pushing for more female coal miners?

  4. When he goes for the vip treatment, I am sure he will take a shower and wear clean clothes !!

  5. God bless you, sir.
    In your face, Brandon.

  6. I refuse to believe he didn't have time to take a shower before going.

  7. Sure, When he does it it's charming, but when I don't shower after work being covered in sewage, I get thrown out of the court

  8. Surprised he didn’t get accused of black face.

  9. 🚩 ..Coal miner exposes child to cancer and toxic chemicals; also endangering many others.

  10. 5 days a week at work is too long. Anyone else tired of working all the time for crumbs?

  11. this is why you must create your own system our be enslaved to another man’s.

  12. You didn’t have time to take a 10 min shower smh

  13. Aww look at that, men pushed to there very breaking point with demanding work and pay, aww lovely . Get a grip. Give him his life back

  14. Love this.
    I'm from an island at the bottom of the Pacific.
    Respect to this man, respect to this school and respect to the people of Kentucky.

  15. ❤❤❤❤❤❤ very good DAD lucky guy is son

  16. I honeslty thought some sensitive snowflakey whiney mofo was gunna start harassing him for tryna go black face. Thank god you arent all as sensitive as i thought. Lmao god damn.

  17. i mean he could still go to the restroom and wash his face lol no reason not to unless you Want everyone to see

  18. Absolutely nobody:

    Literally Absolutely nobody:


  19. Well a lot of people works 10hour 6 day a week or even 7/7 but well

  20. I dont know, nothing against the guy
    but if he wanted to be clean he could wash his face with 1liter water for drinking or wet napkins, back in the days when i was working as Mechanic i always had one pack with me
    but this is America… this country confuse me

  21. the people in the comment section trying to play this down saying he could have easily washed up dont really know. yall either dont appreciate who raised you OR you grew up in foster care

  22. He couldn't wash his face in the public restroom?

  23. Not all heroes wear capes and fancy costumes

  24. 6 days a week the reporter says that as if a lot of ppl don’t do that, we work our lives away to make it good for our kids but a lot of the time it just repeats, the older guy talking is just meh

  25. So he gets awarded for not caring what people might say how he looks. Seems natural to me…

  26. This is very wholesome, but I just don’t like how this way they’re missing out all of the other thousands of Kentucky coal miners working as much as him…

  27. The biden and harris administration and the rest of the Democrat socialist party will put him out of a job on the war of America's energy

  28. He's probably like. Man I don't even shower to go to bed, I just shower off in the morning before work. Lol!!! Do this nothing

  29. And I’m pretty sure his dad would do many times more who wouldn’t

  30. Let's not kid ourselves, he definitely had time to wipe his face…

  31. Is it that hard to wipe off, either way props to him

  32. so if i go to a game with my daughter in my work uniform I will get all kinds of attention too. Pretty sure this happens every day.

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