Clemson vs #1 South Carolina Women Basketball Game Highlights 11 16 2023 -

Clemson vs #1 South Carolina Women Basketball Game Highlights 11 16 2023

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Clemson vs #1 South Carolina Women Basketball Game Highlights 11 16 2023
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  1. Must I say it again, I said it before, It's South Carolina over e'rybody!!!! These girls are hooping for real! I'm sooo proud of them. Especially Raven!!!! ☮️❤️🏀

  2. I’ve seen three of the Lady Gamecocks games two against power twenty five teams. I still see weakness in their perimeter defense which I hope Coach Staley focuses on in practice.
    They have added some impressive freshman however I don’t see that reflecting positively with Bree Hall,Sinia Feagin,Ashlyn Watkins and Sanyah Jah who have been there longer and have earned their right to start. No way Chloe Kitts should start ahead of Ashlyn Watkins at the four. She is not as strong and physical as Ashlyn is.We will see how Kitts does against teams with bigger stronger front lines. They are not dominating the offensive glass like the freshies did. I don’t see much development in Kamilas game either,despite the fact that she led Brazil to FIBA World Cup over the USA. She should have a well developed mid range game (15 feet and closer) by now.Malaysia Fulwiley is a real one. I don’t think we have seen the best she has to offer.The more intense the competition the more she heats up. They are a lock to win the SEC and will easily make it to the sweet 16. If they when it all it will be due to outstanding guard play and dominance on the offensive glass.

  3. Thank you! Johnson to Cardoso float passes are just insane. Those two make it look effortless.

  4. Are we looking at the best team in women's college basketball history here? Unbelievable start to the season.

  5. It's either horrible defense, or scripted horrible defense by Clemson. At least 50% of SC FGs were wide open 3s, where the defenders were on the other side of the court, trying to run back to their duty. Examining a few plays, I noticed Clemson would double the ball handler and wouldn't show any real effort to get back to their original assignment, which led to many open 3s.

    A major university doesn't lose by 70pts and there not be some sort of, well…"compliance".

  6. Dawn Staley gets the BEST out of her teams ❤

  7. 1:38 Clemson is missing every shot and South Carolina is making every shot. Okay…WOW! 109 – 40. Clemson players better start hanging in the gym and practicing their shooting. So now I just checked the box score for Clemson shooting.

    FG: 16-72 22.2%

    3PT: 3-28 10.7%

    FT: 5-11 45.5%

  8. South Carolina is on a mission this year. Congratulations ladies, now go on and make history!❤️❤️

  9. Unselfish basketball, Dawn Staley is the best coach in women basketball.

  10. My message to everyone reading. Get used to it.

  11. Women's college basketball is better than WNBA.

  12. Always said what Dawn was missing to be unbeatable was 3 point aces. We now have it plus the games biggest big down low. Literally would take every player being ice cold to beat us, and even then you have to hope we don’t have the dominant defense

  13. The fact that malaysia fulweily doesn’t start 🔥🔥🔥

  14. Let’s go Gamecocks
    Thump those taters 😂

  15. A Beat Down oh my goodness they look impressive

  16. This was a skunking if I never seen one. 107-40???? Gahhhhhleeee! If I were Clemson I’d think about going down a division.

  17. I love this team but gahdamn Cardoso is slow asf to be 6’7 she could get so many more blocks and defensive rebounds if she gets quicker and stronger

  18. South Carolina is going to be a problem this season again.

  19. If you're one of those people that wrote Sou Car off after they lost the "freshies", now might be a good time to reevaluate.

  20. C.C. Garland - Real Estate Wholesaling Mastery says:

    South Carolina is looking very legit this year.

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