Chuck Goes OFF After Ja Morant Injury Against Warriors In Game 3 | NBA on TNT -

Chuck Goes OFF After Ja Morant Injury Against Warriors In Game 3 | NBA on TNT

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“I’ve been kissed harder than that!”

Chuck sounds off on some of the recent fouls between the Grizzlies-Warriors

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  1. Poole knew what he was doing. He basically duh his nails inside him knees.

  2. Ja will be outta the league in less than 5 years while Zion will dominate

  3. Well this didn't age well, he will miss the rest of the playoffs because of that play so if Chuck is kissing girls like that…there will be a surviving Chuck documentary in 5 years

  4. Chuck is funny. I've been kissed harder than that. I heard that Chuckskee

  5. In part he’s right but he just seems angry most of the time. Wishing basketball how it use to me doesn’t change that the game is different now. Move forward with the present.

  6. Same knee that took him out for several games earlier in season… JP did not cause injury

  7. It's the broadcast announcers that started this. They debate every call.
    Go back a few years and watch some games and you'll see the difference.

  8. He intentionally Pushed his back and YANKED HIS KNEE END OF STORY

  9. after rewatching the Last Dance a couple of days ago, all these soft modern NBA players wouldnt last a season in the 80s & 90s!! and almost all the NBA superstars played all 82 games and playoffs without "load management" and having actual fouls!

  10. 1:24 to 1:26 that was a pretty strong knee to the back of the knee, you can't feel the force of that impact from your seats but you can see the muscles bouncing about and I would say that was intentional because he grabbed the knee again which means he really wants to get to that knee

  11. If this is the route the NBA is taking they might as well combine the WNBA everybody played together

  12. Ja my dude, but Kobe played with a broken finger, snapped it back in place and went on to the 4th quarter.

  13. I heard that Ja got hurt and went looking for the clip showing it…and literally was like, "did i watch the wrong video??"

  14. ja tried to take the high road -ja would tell the truth he felt dirty poole 'grab' hie knee. the code is try and check the man – win like that!

  15. shaq ( more slams of double digits in games and with defenders in the area ) said 'did he grab his knee' and even if a camera close up in slow mo show poole hand doing that , barkley would say he was going for the ball

  16. All I know is Jordan Pool is “Pushin P” in this series !

  17. Why they aren't showing he stepped on his foot having played ball many years i have injured myself same way a guy stepped on my shoes as I'm moved similar to Ja. Its sad to see in the game a future young star get injured I just hope he won't be another D Rose wish him speedy recovdt the game needs you.

  18. Haha! “What’d he do? Reach for a basketball at a basketball game?” 😂😂😂

  19. Poole reacted to the ball bouncing but change it movement….plus a touch on the knee can't injure someone that bad…….he had to have a problem no one was aware of…

  20. they should have a white legend on this show

  21. That is a dirty play. If he was hitting at the knee it is understandable but he clearly grabs a player knee cap. That should of been a fight on that one. He grabbed and pull at his knee cap. These players are out of control with this injuring other players

  22. Warriors are the dirtiest team of all time. Disgraceful they have destroyed the nba

  23. That was not intentional any excuse to deminish the warriors record but just come out and play and win that's all when Greene ran down klay knowing full well that klay was going to score with his bent legs injured klay that was intentional no body cried including the warriors that why they lost against the raptors not because of kawi if kawi was the reason the clippers would have won the next year right

  24. Chuck is how 99% of NBA fans feel. Then you have the loud ones who just like the ridiculous drama.

  25. Every playoffs GS is in they injure a key player on the other team. GS is dirty and are bogus

  26. tf you grabbing his leg right where its injured at tryna claw it off for ?

  27. What I don't like about it is the fact that he isolates the knee by pushing Morant's hip with his left hand (whether intentional or not), and then pulls the knee with his right. Whether intentional or not, I think there is a possibility that it could have strained his knee, especially if he had already hurt it in a prior play. As he's attempting to pivot the opposite direction.

  28. Jordan Poole should have been suspended. Draymond Green should be suspended. Steve Kerr should NOT be allowed to come back. The warriors should NOT be allowed to win tomorrow. The NBA is RIGGED. I agree with the idea of taking away these 7 games, put it to 5 games. WNBA championships are more exciting.

  29. When the 49ers opened their new stadium in Santa Clara, it had a bad reputation to cause injuries. If that was not a dirty play, then the arena in San Francisco is UNSAFE for the opposition.

  30. The play was happening very fast and Poole is swiping at the ball.
    You slow-mo any video you can make it look weird.
    Ja hurt his knee when he bit on klay's shot fake and their knees collided. Come on is Ja trying to hurt klay's knee? Ja broke the code! Come on man..

  31. Actually that was an awkward knee angle and who knows, it could have caused a weird problem. When I tore my ACL, it didn't take much but a normal pivot and change of direction, so applying any kind of addeded external rotational force on a knee can easily cause a strain of a ligament at least.

  32. Idk, buddy gripped and pulled on Ja’s kneecap

  33. You can see Poole push with his left hand and pull back with his right at the same time

  34. These ball players are a lot softer than the 90s players. They need to man up. Chuck is right. Most of those men has been kissed harder than that.

  35. Very dirty play and I’ve no idea why everyone and their moms defending Poole for trying to injure someone…

  36. and people think that this soft NBA, is tough and lebron can be compared to MJ? MJ played during an era where they would have shoved, pulled, punched to get that ball.

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