Chris Brown vs NLE Choppa (Semi-Finals) | The Crew League Season 3 (Episode 6) -

Chris Brown vs NLE Choppa (Semi-Finals) | The Crew League Season 3 (Episode 6)

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It’s the Battle of the Captains! TCL’s two top-scoring artists of all time go head-to-head as Chris Brown and OHB try to hold off NLE Choppa and Team No Love.

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  1. 10:00 bruh might've messed up his achilles and the commentators clowning tf outta him

  2. “Kill 69”! Had me on my ass😂😭👋🏾

  3. Chris you not beating nobody up you soft asf lol

  4. Bro so many fouls one way but not the other😂

  5. Ellie chopper in the right address

  6. Gia đình vợ Thầy Lộc nhìn mọi người xum họp ấm cúng quá chúc vợ chồng thầy Lộc có nhiều sức khoẻ

  7. Choppa gotta chill slapping his dukes butt like that

  8. I don’t really watch or play basketball but this was very entertaining to watch . someone explain to me why they let chris team get the miss or hit free throw ?

  9. Chris brown was so excited at the game because he hit a girl LOL

  10. nah nah nah DID HE JUST SLAP HIS OWN MOMS BUTT? He tweakin bruh

  11. You're the respect within nle and Chris Brown the Beautiful

  12. Chris Brown, remember when u did a song with Lil Rocky 4 yrs ago? Xd

  13. They got the wrong name bruh! TWB(Team Women Beater) let’s gooooo pipe up

  14. Why Chris brown look like a black adin ross💀💀

  15. Chris brown has overpowered team Bc he got pro players m stuff

  16. How the fuck did Zias become host mans wasn’t even commentating mans was just there 😂

  17. so we ignore da fact choppa slapped his mama ass ? 😂😂😂 @2:05

  18. You got choppa slappin his mom butt, Kodak grindin on his mom and boosie lookin at his mom butt in a two piece bathing suit🤨 what is wrong with these folks🤔😂

  19. where's the spoilers in the comments when you need it 😵

  20. S/O the video effect team though 🔥🔥🔥

  21. Wait how is Chris brown aloud to play basket ball doesn’t he have herpes lol

  22. Chris Brown used to be a crackhead he gonna win

  23. Chris brown was the youngest to get rich, has the most talent and money I’m betting on Chris brown

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