Cheerleaders to the rescue 👏 -

Cheerleaders to the rescue 👏

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Cheerleaders to the rescue 👏

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  1. The fact that I can’t even do ten extensions without coming down and sweating is bad but this is so hard to balance

  2. Impressed that Iowa’s Kate Martin unstuck a ball at the Big 10 conference by jumping to the net (as these boys tried) and then able to lift herself up and dislodge ball. Harder than it looks.

  3. You got to get some black kids on that squad. 😂😂😂


  5. It's so impressive how the cheerleaders moved in unison!

  6. This is so adorable and wholesome!

  7. they trained to be hot meat ready for boiz after games.. abzolute beautiful team work

  8. Old School Saying: Where there is a will, there is a way!!

  9. Once our ball got stuck the ref grabbed another ball through it and made both in

  10. You telling me no one on either team can dunk? 😭😭😂😂

  11. Girl power!!! Doesn't have to over shadow anyone else's.

  12. 90% of the people who liked this are girls

  13. And that’s why cheerleaders are the best

  14. This is a great example of how men's versus women's brains work

  15. This is a great example of how men's versus women's brains work

  16. The days athletes are horrible i was dunking in the 5th grade 😂

  17. Now this the kind of women's empowerment I can get behind
    Everybody being supportive of each other and using our skills in supplement to each other instead of arguing about who's equal and who's oppressed

  18. “GIRL Power 💅💅💅💅 Slayyyyyyy”💀

  19. Cheerleading is a useful skill.

  20. I was waiting for the flyer to put the ball through the hoop😂

  21. Literally happened in my gym class, thank goodness we have 4 cheerleaders in there

  22. YEAAA NOVA PUT BELT FYTB 😂. they gone learn todayyyy to keep them mouths shuttttt. and okayyy i don’t think nova lost ittt butttt 👀 you ate the episode up thooo had me excitedddd😂❤.

  23. that's a great example of team work💪

  24. If there were black men on this team the cheerleaders wouldn't have to get the ball the but there are only white men on this team so the women had to get the ball and this is said by a white man!

  25. Why don't they just have a long pole stick to get ball when it gets stuck

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