Cheerleader Gets BOOTED From College Basketball Game -

Cheerleader Gets BOOTED From College Basketball Game

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A Mississippi Valley State University cheerleader was ejected from a recent basketball game after confronting an Alabama A&M player on the court. Rick Strom breaks it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

Rick Strom


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  1. Make her an example of your athletic and student decorum. She made herself a good example of why its vitally necessary to
    screen all persons who will publicly represent the entire student body! NO

  2. I need to see her chocolate cupcakes before I render my decision.

  3. Triplets?!? Hahaha we get it. You don’t watch basketball. And let’s be really real here. If a male walked onto a court and shoved a woman, your report wouldn’t have been so rational. You would have asked that player to be kicked off the team. What’s the difference????

  4. She was in his way ..she is not supposed to be by the baseline

  5. Somebody’s a little entitled and wannabe gangsta.

  6. Wow what a major breaking news story.. ur becoming boring… do better stories….

  7. The cheerleader is supposed to be behind the green area, also known as the baseline.

    After a made basket, the other team can inbound the ball from anywhere along that line, can freely move within that line and has 5 seconds to do so.

    He didn't get in her way. She was in his way, and as a member of a university cheer squad should know that.

    Then, to go onto the court and confront the player is absolutely not allowed. She should not only have been ejected but have a temporary suspension from the squad. She should also be advised that if it happens again, she would be removed from the squad.

  8. This has got to be the most long drawn out monotonous story ever. Drag it out and repeat it to get the minutes in. Maybe clip a couple of stories like this together next time or obtain more footage.

  9. Damn she really thought she could shove a player, and she could go back to the sideline🤣💀💀

  10. Some people think more of themselves than they should😂

  11. Im i the only one seeing that she did that on purpose..she was even moving backwards before doing that kick thing..she needs to be subjected to a polygraph test

  12. She shouldn't have been n the court to begin with anyone with a brain would know to stay off the line

  13. Stay off the court, don't touch the players. What is the problem? She should be tossed

  14. Hold up…. you're saying a black person at a basketball game became irate and caused a scene!?!? I have never heard of such a thing😱😱😱😱😱😱😂🤣😅😆😂🤣😅😆

  15. Fire them all, at least name them all. Internet can handle the rest.

  16. She needs to ask Quay Davis about that. Player fighting players the refs will handle that but when you're a cheerleader and you touch a player you're done for the day

  17. I was amazed to see that this happen at Valley. Valley is 7 miles from my hometown. Please don't kick this child out of school. She made a mistake and own up to it. Do what you need to do, but do not take a child education from them.

  18. It's hilarious that women think cheerleading is a sport, much less that is important enough for you to get upset over being somewhere you shouldn't be and getting hit.

  19. The player "did not get into her way"! She got into the way of the player. That area is part of the entire playing area, and is called the inbounds area. She should not have been in that area while the game was live.

  20. Valley should have hired Javier Gonzalez as new HC!

  21. of course it was Shaniqua……Michelle wouldn't do that . 😄

  22. Idiot dudes in the comments just finding another excuse to go after a woman. This was hilarious. The right has now become the snowflakes!

  23. Holy shit, and actual Sports story. Not some pandering ass video basically begging for likes views and subscribers

  24. Rick. Love your reporting.
    FFS, please #TYT, include raw video footage links in your YT description boxes.
    That would be very much appreciated. 🧓🏼

  25. Look its 2023 , do we really require cheerleaders ? Bring em out at half time. Nobody goes to games for the cheering,

  26. Ban her azz to the dorm and require her to turn in her late or missed assignments. . . .she's dumb.

  27. Female entitlement in America, honestly no one knows what to do about it anymore. It's the elephant in the room. Men have to pretend that the problem is not that bad, and it really is. As female's become more unstable the worse they get.

    She had to apologize, pretty sure she didn't mean it. She didn't see anything wrong with what she did. The video is clear how in the wrong she was. She shouldn't have been standing there in the first place. Pretty sure updated guidelines will be made regarding cheerleader's at game's.

    I was a point guard, so I never inbound the Ball. You're taught not to inbound the Ball under the basket. He was where he needed to be.

  28. Wow….what a coincidence! This is the same punishment that any white cop would get if he shot someone in the back….while crying that he was "in fear for his life".

  29. She kicked a player during the game and she gets mad?!? Cheerleaders are not part of the game. WTF!?

  30. She was dancing on the court..she got in his way..she should be banned from all games

  31. I’ve never seen a cheerleader 📣 get ejected from a game in basketball 🏀 or football 🏈

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