BYU WOMEN's Basketball Feb. 19,2022 Gonzaga vs. Byu -

BYU WOMEN’s Basketball Feb. 19,2022 Gonzaga vs. Byu

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Emotional Game for the Byu Team and the Players


  1. Thanks for sharing these games with us. I have heard great things about BYU & Gonzaga WBB over the years. Nice to be able to watch other teams play. Technology is awesome!! BYU should have been ranked a lot higher as the season progressed. Of course they didn't help themselves when they got bounced early in the tournament but during the season, they were a solid team that didn't get enough respect. Hopefully the program continues to be good even though the coach stepped down.

  2. im doing my brackets rn can someone tell me if Gonzaga and byu are good? im trying to figure out if I have them coming out of the first round or not

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  4. I've got to share this one. A team like Gonzaga should have been a whole lot closer. It speaks volumes for the BYU team.

  5. I really don't know why BYU isn't in the top 10. All I can see is prejudice continuing after all these years.

  6. At least the Ladies will make the big dance and maybe a big splash. Go Cougs !! ♥♥♥

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