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Buffalo vs #6 Michigan Basketball Game Highlights 11 10 2021

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Buffalo vs #6 Michigan Basketball Game Highlights 11 10 2021
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  1. Jawan Howard celebrated black coach just lost to Seton hall shit coach to me !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Michigan looks good and Buffalo looks like a team that will win the MAC

  3. Michigan looks a lot worse than their ranking

  4. Overall solid first game. Buffalo is my pick to win the mac and i knew this would be a tough first game but for most of the game michigan was in control. Great foundation to build on 〽️

  5. Shoutout Home Team Hoops 💯 Love to see Segu ball out ‼️

  6. Good and bad win for Michigan u need to play better then that Amen

  7. Buffalo looks pretty solid.. Diabate will be starting by mid season, He’s too good not to be there instead of Johns.

  8. Terrance looks niceee! Might be stealing some minutes from Johns

  9. Overall a good game, but one thing I can say is that Michigan has too make their free throws

  10. diabate and houston looked pretty solid in this game. there definitely needs to be some clean up on the defense, but for a first game against a team who has played with each other before, this is a very good game for michigan

  11. michigan needs to make their free throws. you can see that killing them in close games in march

  12. Solid victory as long as we go 5-1 or 6-0 before big 10 play

  13. Well, I will worry about Jones being able to defend without fouling. We will have to watch him as he progresses as it's his history. I think the free throws will come around. Buffalo isn't a pushover team. Solid start for Michigan, with plenty room to improve as they go.

  14. FREEEEEEEEE Throws…… will hurt us if we play anybody better.

  15. Thanks. Love these. But I'd really like to see the T's and the aftermath. Still not sure what happened on those.

  16. Dickinson piss me off why does he run like that

  17. From what I seen from Michigan's game against Buffalo is Jones, better step up his game…all players must step up there defense and they better hit them free throws. …if they can't do all of these things they will get bounced in BIGTEN play.

  18. Zeb Jackson gonna transfer..no way he gonna get any minutes when they have so much depth at guard positions

  19. Terrance Williams looks like a different person in a good way. He was impressive in that game.

  20. yup- thank you the longer the better! also try leaving the commentary in until it stops? breaking mid sentence kinda sucks but hay. thank you

  21. Good game for U of M, need to make free-throws though

  22. Everybody needs to calm down about the Free Throws. This team showed in the Exhibition game against Wayne St that they are capable of hitting them. I just think with this being the first game of the regular season at home with a loud crowd they got a little antsy. Remember this is the 1st time for a lot of these players minus Brooks and Johns that they played in front of a home crowd due to covid last year, and obviously the Freshman never felt what it is like to play at Crisler Arena. I think once we get a few games in and the jitters start to settle these kids will get better at the line.

  23. Smh hunter reminds me of RaeF lafrentz, needs to get better on the perimeter & he needs to shoot bout 15- 20 times a game

  24. Nathan Williams will be playing at the next level. WOW!!

  25. buffalos a good team but man they don’t know how to act. got unnecessarily physical many times, sometimes after the play, and that white guy that warmed the bench turned stupid any time they scored when they were still consistently losing by double digits…it was just odd

  26. Buffalo gets that 3pt % up a little and it would’ve been an interesting ending. Great effort by both teams

  27. Someone tell me why Michigan is ranked over Duke and Kentucky? I didn’t see a #6 team in this game TBH.

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