BUCKS at PELICANS | NBA FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | December 19, 2022 - bestfungamesll.com


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Led by Giannis Antetokounmpo’s 42 points (12-17 FG) and 10 rebounds, the Milwaukee Bucks defeated the New Orleans Pelicans, 128-119. Brook Lopez added a season-high 30 points for the Bucks in the victory, while Jonas Valanciunas (37 points, 18 rebounds, 5 assists) and CJ McCollum (31 points, 8 rebounds, 9 assists) combined for 68 points for the Pelicans. The Bucks improve to 22-8 on the season, while the Pelicans fall to 18-12.


  1. This was the first time I've seen Zion get slowed down great defense wow!!

  2. Why do they show a ad every 20 seconds 😭

  3. yo when I Giannis with the ball I some him do a travel and the ref didn't call it.

  4. Ay man I am not new to the nba at all but holy shit the whistle Giannis gets is pretty incredible, I really don't understand why the nba is cool with this lol some of those calls last night were disgusting. They have to know fans don't enjoy watching 1 guy shoot 22 free throws. At least make the best player in the league earn his 40 points

  5. Lopez has to be one of the most underrated players in the league.

  6. Giannis eating all those hands and bodies everytime he drives. What a crazy dude

  7. Zion is showing off skills but cant win the game, what a clown

  8. "Little minds are tamed and subdued by misfortune; but great minds rise above it." -Washington Irving

  9. Just want to say that Gianni's block… It clearly was not on it's way down. I'm hating announcers just as much as refs now a days.

  10. Zion looked rally small next to giannis and brook

  11. Giannis is constantly carrying the ball but there is no call. Is this allowed in the NBA now?

  12. Sad to see CJ pay like this, but hey did you see Jevon Carter?

  13. That was nice ball handling skills from zion omg… 👏

  14. Brook Lopez you are a big clodhopper who the hell are you guarding down in the post when your guy is draining 24 first quarter points you are just awful

  15. I always like NOLA’s announcers, they give a lot of credit to any team playing good ball

  16. Failed on the bucks highlights. They did win… by a considerable amount, yet more pelicans highlights.

  17. Quality of this highlight was trash, played mostly bucks..people wanna see Zion

  18. Jonas Valančiūnas should start every game for at least 35 minutes a game , like wtf??
    Zion Williamson is literally from a different planet, maybe from the future! Insane talent with power, is rare…

  19. I think the bucks got the better trade😂😂❤

  20. 1:07 -1:27 am I a joke to you? Is there a different highlight reel I can watch where they actually show the plays when points are being scored. WTF? Fukk you!

  21. Javon Carter is more underrated than Mike Conley at this point.

  22. I like my. Pelicans and that wasn't a fair because it's hard to guard the Bucks because everyone on their team is 7 foot tall

  23. it so good to be seeing Zion play this season i hope he stays healthy

  24. Lol whoever that lady was screaming is someone you need at your games for sure

  25. Now watching the bucks play the cavs and I can say the pelicans need another athletic big, play better defense and make more consistent shots

  26. Zion is not playing defense, especially against Giannis… He Giannis do whatever he wanted

  27. When will Lopez ever drop 30 points again? Plus pelicans didn’t have Ingram.

  28. Zion and the Greek Freak, 2 monsters defenses needs to build walls for

  29. there is no way i let da freak get an open lane on me ,,, i would make him pass everytime

  30. Good game. Three point shots being dropping in over and over again! 👊🏾

  31. I dont know why Murphy started. Jax at sf/pf would’ve been great! And i wouldve had Zion defend Giannis most of the night

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