Brooklyn Nets vs. Milwaukee Bucks Full Game Highlights | January 7 | 2022 NBA Season -

Brooklyn Nets vs. Milwaukee Bucks Full Game Highlights | January 7 | 2022 NBA Season

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Brooklyn Nets vs. Milwaukee Bucks Full Game Highlights | January 7 | 2022 NBA Season



  2. The nets are really struggling inspite of the high MVP play KD has been putting up this season

  3. Harden's comment against Giannis really backfired on him lmao

  4. That 6:10 action… Only Giannis in the whole world can do it
    Take 2 triple dribble and eurosteps to clear the full court and finish with the layup… build différent.

  5. durant played 37min scored 29 meanwhile giannis only played 27 and scored 31 despite being in foul trouble early on

  6. KD is the best offensive player in NBA for over a decade. Giannis is the best player in NBA the last four seasons.

  7. Harden is an all star player but not on the status of KD or Giannis.

  8. This Bucks team has just to many options not to win again this year, oh and they also have the best player in this league

  9. James Harden is bad this year or Steve Nash can't coach?

  10. Bro where is the defense nets ? Y'all look terrible… Y'all was better when their was injuries and just 1 all-star on the floor

  11. If Bucks keeps playing this good and the Suns at the other side, Bucks can get another Finals ring, harhar.

  12. They can't fight against Giannis they just CAN'T💪🏾💙

  13. 5:19 James harden is still stuck in foul hunting. Stpd move and ref still got fooled. Pft

  14. This nets team is just not as good, keeps losing to top tier teams notwithstanding the two SUPERSTARS. Bucks only have one!!! They need all 3!! KD can't win without two other stars it appears now!

  15. Did giannis get more threes than harden? Harden comments looking stupid

  16. man the bucks gonna be very difficult to beat this year in PO .

  17. So KD needs a superteam to win something again? -_-

  18. This game shows that the Nets need Mike D'Antoni

  19. We all knew the nets had trash defense but what made them favorites was their super offense. Now,without Kyrie,they are just a team with good offense(mostly KD)and of course horrible defense.

  20. Harden font have his lvl he need to play like last year or thé nets never gonna win thé chip this year

  21. Aint no one gonna talk about Patty Mills this game? Only 3 pts in 32 minutes, hes so inconstant…

  22. Nets can't beat well organised teams without uncle drew.
    Even a bit rusted at the beginning he showed us the extent of his talent.
    He's fundamental in their project, definitely.

  23. Bad defense, I wonder how the coach works on defense? Apart from the narrow victory in Indiana, there are 3 defeats in the last matches, it's not at all good. Defeat against memphis, defeat against sixers, defeat against clippers, and today defeat against bucks

  24. I started to watch nba gamed but why they gonna need to call timeout every minute

  25. Only AD can stop Giannnis… gonna be Lakers vs Bucks

  26. increíble los bucks se pierden con los pistón y se ganan a los Nets

  27. Back to back champion mark my words kiddos..

  28. Kd and kyrie only have themselves to blame for picking steve nash as their coach
    What did kyrie say "They dont need a coach" nets going to get bounce come playoff

  29. Harden and KD gettin shithoused again and again.

  30. Bell'incontro tutto sommato… Una pecca è stata il palleggio nell'ultimo minuto conclusivo… Dovrebbero continuare a giocare sino al fischio finale, indipendentemente dal risultato maturato in campo… Sul basket c'è tanta gente che ci scommette sù e, far perdere tanti soldi (com'è successo a persone che conosco) per un solo punto, perchè hanno deciso di fermarsi, non è corretto nè per gli scommettitori nè per gli stessi tifosi… Il basket è uno sport straordinario, i giocatori dovrebbero togliersi questa brutta abitudine di non proseguire più col gioco una volta che il risultato lo hanno ampiamente acquisito!

  31. And people still say that KD could have done what Lebron did with the Cavs ! STOP IT ! Nothing is guarantee with Kyrie BUT What ame 100% sure is that Without Kyrie there"s no way the Nets get a ring ! Did u guys see how the champ showed them no mercy beating the Nets up and down like they were trampolin !?

  32. Team to beat Milwaukee….
    Tambak naman….wala kayo sinabi Nets….

  33. So who the Brooklyn Nets kidding? They needed Kyrie for this game. Matter of fact, even with Kyrie on, the game would have been a challenge for the nets. All the more reason for him to play ALL games possible. He didn't sign up for any jabs like that, so eat crow and let him play the home games too!

  34. Just watching the Spurs game. This put together lineup…6 3s too them, 1 for the nets!? In the first quarter! guess we’re on for another loss here LLLLL. Your trash to be honest for the players you have.

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