Bronny James RUNS OFF COURT After G*N FIGHT During Basketball Game -

Bronny James RUNS OFF COURT After G*N FIGHT During Basketball Game

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Bronny James RUNS OFF COURT After G*N FIGHT During Basketball Game

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  1. come on man we still doing this🤦🏾‍♂️why can’t people put the gun down

  2. So sick of this!! We can't enjoy ANYTHING 😤!! What is wrong with these 🤡!!!

  3. No gun problem in america guys am i right? hahahahahah

  4. Mf be like “highschool players can’t be safe and play no more” but then support the culture and blame white people for it😂

  5. Smh Niggas, and the black community still won't take accountability, BUT blame everyone else for these actions.

  6. he just got a taste of 90's highschool basketball lol there was a fight like once a week

  7. 誰かが私のユーザー名を理解していますか says:


  8. Never seen so many grown broke ass ppl hating on kid smh

  9. The title make it seem like he did something wrong.

  10. Damn, Lebron gonna trade all the building security soon

  11. Shit i didnt grow facial hair until i was 19

  12. It’s always niggaz f y’all wanna b gangsta ass niggas

  13. Lmfao Bronny has the be the dumbest fucking name I’ve ever heard.

  14. It must of been a white supremist since that's the biggest threat to America

  15. It’s not as wild as you think. You go to high school games both football and basketball, you winning/losing to certain schools, somebody from the neighborhoods kid is on that team. They get a lil lit before the game and start shooting when they see they kid get crossed up or tackled. It’s a diversion, and a dangerous one at that, but It happens all the time and it’s why schools that have incidents like this happen prefer to travel. It gets their own team away from that kind of environment and allows them to focus on the game. However this is always more of a people problem because it doesn’t have to involve the hood at all. It really can be just someone’s reckless ass family member tweaking.

  16. “Teenagers can’t even ball in peace”

    Real brave words given what happened with the rayciss attack on Ethan Liming where Bronny’s wonderful students stomped on Ethan’s skull until he was almost ended, before preventing from leaving to get the victim medical help.

    Remember Ethan Liming.

  17. Well done killers, so called demonioncrats.

  18. I cant get over the suze of that high school gym

  19. This go on everyday in hood I agree with you but this been going on just the people that got out never look back

  20. So was he suppose to stand there.. goofy ass post.

  21. Ah remember when people use to use hands like warriors mf’s just pull guns randomly shoot at people now crazy

  22. We're not gonna talk bout his ankles getting broken. He's not nba material just cuz his daddy name smh

  23. Dude I’m mad pissed. Bronny just ran instead of fighting? SMH it’s like he doesn’t even care how this will affect his dads legacy.

  24. Who posted talmbout "they tryna kill bronny" shii crazy and not even funny fr

  25. Every race has its idiots. That makes them look bad. Very sad.

  26. This wont be on CNN because the shooter isnt white….

  27. I don't feel safe going to these basketball games

  28. Hold your people accountable instead of making excuses

  29. James runs off who gives a fuck!how about player's run off the court!

  30. No one is safe anymore.! Things are getting worse! People are being shot & killed everywhere!!! America has become the scariest place for so called free people to live.

  31. Must be all those White Cops that Lebron says are all out to get Black people…….

  32. Bronny just like his dad 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  33. there was a drunk guy beating up kids at my sisters highschools football game

  34. Lebron tripping if he doesn’t have no security for his kids

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