BRONNY James 1st In-Game DUNK!? Gets LeBron OUT OF HIS SEAT Going Wild!! Crowd GOES CRAZY! -

BRONNY James 1st In-Game DUNK!? Gets LeBron OUT OF HIS SEAT Going Wild!! Crowd GOES CRAZY!

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Lebron James Jr attempts in-game dunk with LeBron & crowd going crazy at ballingonthebeach semi-final game!

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  1. I watched all 11 mins just to watch him miss😒

  2. Gabe cupps is there best shooter period.

  3. LeBron is like god damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Basketball dynasty. King James , King Bronny

  5. 10:17
    Did leBron stand because its his first dunk or because he missed it?


  6. Just putting this out there even though it was an awesome game the team they were playing was not an all star team at all

  7. Yes he missed but the excitement and unexpected altitude created mayhem!!!

  8. Damn 11:53 is it just me or did somebody else also see that little guy push bronny

  9. Ik dis vid old… but are we really gon ignore the TRIP #45 sent #34 on at 9:31 smh 🤦🏾‍♀️ das jus disrespectful

  10. And what about the Criminal who slapped the kid in the buttocks and made him feel completely violated… at 10:25..

  11. So what’s up LeBron James son oh yeah I’m hope you get this week please designing Lyrica

  12. Not that impressed tbh… I feel like I can body him out…

  13. I have watched the game 4 times and I have just realised how blind the refs were lol

  14. Бронни красавчик, не строит из себя крутого игрока, играет на команду, у тебя Бронни все будет, я в тебя верю

  15. yea of course the entire point of watching the video is at the VERY END of the video

  16. I like bronny james how he plays basketball ..nice man

  17. These good old days before Bronny was in high school

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