BRONNY James 1st In-Game DUNK!? Gets LeBron OUT OF HIS SEAT Going Wild!! Crowd GOES CRAZY! -

BRONNY James 1st In-Game DUNK!? Gets LeBron OUT OF HIS SEAT Going Wild!! Crowd GOES CRAZY!

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Lebron James Jr attempts in-game dunk with LeBron & crowd going crazy at ballingonthebeach semi-final game!

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  1. It must be overwhelming knowing you’re playing against the son of LeBron freaking James!

  2. Who’s here after bronny got caught on that clippers pack

  3. Dam u miss playing ball with the bois we dont be just on forz horizon we spend more ti.e playing ball

  4. who's #13 on the white and blue ? I like the way he runs the point

  5. թ๏թ.คl๏ภєรฬ๏г๔ ¿ says:

    adam olun yusuf sizi sverrrrrrrr

  6. guys what is the name of a guy nuber 2 on his shirt
    with dreds

  7. The scintillating overcoat collaterally use because fold provisionally answer than a purring beech. assorted, awful debtor

  8. Di pa marunong mahina pa yan saakin 1v1 kami iiyak lang yan

  9. Jersey number 21 that boy look like a Juice WRLD who agrees

  10. visit my channel

    best teams and players in Manado

  11. Is this fake or something, he played really really good but he completely missed the dunk, that was the highlight of the video but he missed that dunk

  12. Bro the only thing I here from the crowd is travel 😂😂😂

  13. Can I say. I’m from NY but the school here don’t play shit like that during our games. DOG SHIT PLACE LIKE WHY TF WE PLAYIN EDM IN A FUCKING GAME OF BALL

  14. That one stupid ass lady needs to stfu she so fuckin annoying yelling and shit f her

  15. May God bless y’all and get ready repent and confess and accept God as your lord and savior because Jesus is coming back 🙏💯🙏

  16. 10:23 that man was on bronny he was like AYEE THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT BOY THATS WHAT IM TALKING BOUT.

  17. King LeBron James 👑👑👑👑👑👑

  18. What if Bronny James was drafted to the Cleveland cavaliers,Miami heat and Los Angelous lakers. All the teams lebron James was playing for!

  19. Let's hope he doesn't follow in his father's foot steps and be a flopper.
    Dude barely bump the queen and he be acting like a bus hit him 😒

  20. Bronny has a shoes white and a shoes black

  21. No one talking about number 2 body slamming a dude

  22. tbh i wanna play them all i need is sum shoes size 12 and im set¯_(ツ)_/¯

  23. bro u seeing this other guy in 9:40seconds bro my guy is 5 foot

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