Bronny gets GAME-WINNING BUCKET with LeBron watching in Ohio! - ESPN Broadcast Highlights -

Bronny gets GAME-WINNING BUCKET with LeBron watching in Ohio! – ESPN Broadcast Highlights

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December 14, 2019 – Sierra Canyon traveled to the state of Ohio to take on LeBron James alma mater, St. Vincent – St. Mary. LeBron watched his freshman son put down 16 points and take the go ahead basket to give the Trailblazers the win. Bronny James was named MVP for his efforts.

St. Vincent – St. Mary was lead by Malaki Branham (no. 28 in the 2021 ESPN 60) and Sencire Harris.


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  2. Fab Five? Naw Bron you guys were high schoolers. Jalen Rose and Chris Webber were Fab Five at Michigan.

  3. Wow. Just wow. I'm actully, genuinely down about this realization. Read this out:

    If it was to be evident that the kid made the lane violation, then its ok good game, bye. But looking at the tape, it can easily be seen that the opposite team player stepped before the freethrow shooter making it impossible for a violation to happen.
    As previously mentioned if it was correct nothing would have been said but since it's a blatantly screw-up job then it gives us basis to conclude that one of two things just happens here:

    Either the referee was trying to get paid after the game ended, or they already had, before the game even started. What's your answer?

    It sucks because it's creating that "entitlement" for his kid to see how fame and money are what hold power for his life. Results in the never ending pursuit of the previously mentioned by; Yes becoming great at basketball, and be professional, and be that guy. We get it. But they will also go to extreme measures to aquire the upmost Fame boost during their careers and beyond to come to the top. Prince and god of this world has convinced the masis. Even as defeated as he is.

    #conscious #viewing

  4. Damn bron really shoved white body out the way so his wife could walk 😂😂 @ 0:16

  5. Lol Savanna and Bron moved that boy out the way in the beginning 😂. Poor guy was lost asf lol

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  7. 2:20 if you wanna skip the microphone issues and if Rachael Nichols gets on your nerves

  8. Why is it so bad to call him LeBron Jr.?

  9. st v. always has a marcus johnson on their team i swear to god


  11. I like lebron he has talent but what makes me cringe is how he thinks he is better than Micheal. you should always give credit where it's due and lebron you'll never really be respected by Micheal fans until you admit you are number 2

  12. Why do the courts look like an NBA court my three point lines are right behind the free throw line and why do they have soooooooo many people there who would spend their money on going to a high school game and how come they get to record it on ESPN the high school at my school don’t recorded and my courts is a lot smaller Han that too

  13. Everybody gangster till highschool yao ming pulls out

  14. Highschool basketball so much better than WNBA💀

  15. Can't believe the ref really called a lane violation late game. Smh

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  19. this game was about bronny, he wasn’t even the best player

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  21. I fail to believe these are high schoolers

  22. Thats too cool the father and son handshake 🤝

  23. Bruh, who named their kid sincere? (I know its spelled Sencire)

  24. Brony will not make the NBA… wanna put some $$ on this?

  25. So fucking crazy to think that theyre playing in these arenas to this many fans but are also taking high school classes learning the powerhouse of the cell

  26. Bruv a Highschool game has 5k more people than weller vs ksi

  27. Just immagin if y'all standing in the stands and seing LeBron

  28. Why nobodies talking about the 7 foot Asian dude🤦🏾‍♀️going up against the smaller guy in the beginning 🤷🏾‍♀️

  29. Boston was outstanding! Brownie is something else…they had a great team and congrats to the entire team….LeBron was so cute jumping up and down, I love it…Boston and Bronie are strong players they are going to be outrageous talent!

  30. They shooting better then some NBA Teams👀

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