Bronny gets GAME-WINNING BUCKET with LeBron watching in Ohio! - ESPN Broadcast Highlights -

Bronny gets GAME-WINNING BUCKET with LeBron watching in Ohio! – ESPN Broadcast Highlights

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December 14, 2019 – Sierra Canyon traveled to the state of Ohio to take on LeBron James alma mater, St. Vincent – St. Mary. LeBron watched his freshman son put down 16 points and take the go ahead basket to give the Trailblazers the win. Bronny James was named MVP for his efforts.

St. Vincent – St. Mary was lead by Malaki Branham (no. 28 in the 2021 ESPN 60) and Sencire Harris.


  1. LeBron there son playin other team point don't count 🤣 this was Koo tho

  2. Ugh sorry this is sports last video I saw his son's team got destroyed. Please spare me

  3. Lebron highscool team svsm still got the same coach! 💥 , that's crazy

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  6. Keep up the good work more time to come in your life in doing your talents given by GOD stay humble always LeBron Jr

  7. Sorry to say bronny james well never be like is tht

  8. How come this is more active than the NBA I would rather watch this.

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  11. I want bronny james on nba draft from lakers 💜💛

  12. I keep playing “bronny’s highlights” but it’s only his teammates I see hahahahahaha.

  13. I wouldn’t say that was the game winning bucket..

  14. yeah, definetly deserves a dislike, good content but a fake title…

  15. how did a high school game get more people in it then a wnba game 😂

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  17. This reminds me of when lebron’s game was on tv when he was in high school 🤷🏼‍♂️

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  19. This was cute, but it ain't no lebron getting dunks in his senior year in highschool at 17.

  20. Bro what did he do? All i seen was 3 buckets Smdh. This is called favoritism

  21. King LeBron James 👑👑👑👑👑👑

  22. omg, I had no idea high school basketball is this big in America. I'm from Australia where we only get this crowd at NBL games

  23. “Yeah he slipped cause I think Harris did …” Stfu dawg.🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️You know damn well he didn’t slip, he got tripped if u look slowly & closely you’ll see.🧐😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  24. jesus americans got televised high school games now? how are there so many people in a school game

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  26. I love the James family, much love peace & blessings.

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  28. Lebron Bronny sooner or later will give you a good game passing the torch my father did you good when Drake is a part of your fan base

  29. Whaooo this is a full stadium from the N.B.A not high school lol

  30. Bronny didn't even hit the game winning shot the dude who made the three throws did

  31. Rachel needs to get out of reporting and get a fans only

  32. Bronny James your good enough to take the Sooners Threw the Toughest Place to play for a reason it goes K U U messes with the presence of time

  33. Bronny James Cameron no Chappelle hill no rupp arena no Allen Fieldhouse K U U know doubt the toughest Place the Venue only you could conquer

  34. Educated Fact Bronny you won't see many other 4 conference schedule a loss in front of those screaming K U U

  35. Fuck man in india i dont think ppl would bother to watch a game of highschoolers

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