Britain's basketball team gears up for Olympic Games -

Britain’s basketball team gears up for Olympic Games

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NBA star Loul Deng has been named as one of the players in Great Britain’s basketball team for the London 2012 Olympics, the first time the UK has competed in the sport since 1948. The 12 man squad was announced by the British Olympic Association and brings the total number of British athletes competing at the games to 538 across all 26 sports.

Deng, the only NBA player in Team GB, stated he was eagerly anticipating playing for Team GB.

“I’m very excited, looking forward to it, great time for us to show that our basketball team can compete with the rest of the world.”

As well as Deng, the other players in the squad are Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Joel Freeland, Keiron Achara, Robert Archibold, Eric Boateng, Dan Clark, Kyle Johnson, Andrew Lawrence, Mike Lenzly, Nate Ranking and Andrew Sullivan.

Little will be expected of Britain’s team, after they lost all five matches at their training camp in the US. Andy Hunt, Chef de Mission of Team GB, remained optimistic that playing at home could be a great help for the side.

“I think there will be more pressure than any Olympic team that’s represented this country has ever experienced, not only from the home crowd but the 60 million people in the country and the billions of people around the world that will watch the games. However, the answer is for the athletes to really engage with that interest, to really use it to their advantage. I truly believe if the British public get behind the team overall Team GB will have a fantastic Games and the home crowd will produce home advantage. So we need everybody to cheer, to wave, to go crazy for the team, to wear their Team GB scarf, whatever way they want to show their support for the team. But it’s going to be such and opportunity and the British public can make a difference.”

Britain have still got time to prepare ahead of the games, including an exciting fridnly against the USA in Manchester on 19 July.

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  1. Her majesty's basketball team is shit lollegend has it that the londoners screeched, THE AMERICANS ARE COMING

  2. Every County does have a team but I agree, I used to play for my county but wasnt quite good enough when they become ebl level, now i want to play for a lower team but theres non around my area…so i agree for basketball to be more successful more teams need to be created within a county.. not just county level….However theres some quality underestimated players in Britain who havnt been put on the map!

  3. good luck against Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffin, Tyson Chandler, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, Chris Paul, James Harden, Deron Williams, Anthony Davis, Carmelo Anthony……..WOW!!! with all that talent….your gonna need more than luck!

  4. the only nba player is deng? ………..dang that suck for them

  5. the only nba player and one of the best 😉

  6. luol deng is an average nba player, nothing special

  7. Luol Deng = Official All Star and by many many other players seen as an above average player. Deng definately one of a kind on the defensive end.

  8. 15 ppg, 2.9 apg, 6 rpg, .367 3p%, .412 fg%, with 40 minutes a game…… yeah really good man

  9. if those are normal stats then he is normal he just make 5 more points a game.

  10. plus he has outstanding defense. Omg ur so naïve, an average player wouldnt be voted to become all star. That just proves how underrated nba fans think Deng is.
    If you watch full games, you would see that he isnt an average player.

  11. no its not, its just as common in america but no publicity.

  12. if the usa team get their act together , they win by 20 points or more good luck england

  13. we don't give a shit about soccer, and we still tied 1-1 vs you guys in the world cup… you guys need to step up your game imo.

  14. USA just beat them by 40. It's time to defect to the US i think

  15. Deng you from Sudan. represent your birth country dumb nigga

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