Bremen at Triton - 5th Grade Girls Basketball A game 🏀 2-13-2019 -

Bremen at Triton – 5th Grade Girls Basketball A game 🏀 2-13-2019

Triton Trojans
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🔵 Triton 5th Grade Lady Trojans 6..6..0..2…..14
2 – Bradley
3 – Groves 2+2=4
4 – Albright
5 – Bemish 1
10 – Hawley 1
13 – Neff
20 – Viers
23 – Prater
25 – Carson
34 – Doll 2+2+2+2=8
41 – Belongia
43 – Belin
54 – Belongia
coached by Joe White

Bremen 5th Grade Lady Lions 2..6..2..5…..15
1 – Rodriguez
4 – Lawmaster 2+2=4
5 – Stackhouse 2
10 – King 1
11 – Calentine
12 – Grubbs
13 – Greenawalt
14 – Wright
15 – Liverman
20 – Rowe 2
21 – Byrd
22 – Kincaid 2+2+2=6
23 – DeLara
24 – Grounds
30 – Garcia
33 – Rowe
34 – Fitzsimmons
35 – Clyde
40 – Barts
41 – Sparks
coached by Jessica Klingerman, Tashara Blair, Kacey Wright

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  1. Just one referee? Oof. Hope he got at least $60 for this.

  2. Triton and Bremen are both very good teams!

  3. I just had my first game today it was a great game we won

  4. I still come back to these videos because they remind me of how I looked my first season and make me happy of how far I’ve come these past couple of years. If y’all are considering trying out for basketball, DO IT. Best thing that’s ever happened to me 🙂

  5. Really cool to see that 5th Grade gets to play. Here in NC Public Schools, you have to wait until 7th grade, so my daughter (who's in 5th) plays in co-ed leagues through a 3rd party provider.

  6. I’m joining the basketball girls team next school year, so this really helps me when I doing training and shooting hoops upcoming school year!

  7. im in 5th grade and my first game is on tuesday

  8. I would be able to sweep these girls. And I'm in 4th grade.

  9. Yes this also really helps me kind learning more about Basketball.

  10. My first basketball game is tomorrow and im so nervous, hopefully I do good tho 😊

  11. as a 5th grade baller pretty good to, the sound of the dribbles and squeaks on the court is pure satisfaction

  12. Bro, I am playing Saint Jude on Tuesday I heard that they are really good so hopefully are team is good that day

  13. Ah yes, future ankle breakers in the making✨

  14. i had tryouts the other day, hopefully i learn from watching these videos!

  15. Give them a few more practices they will be stars

  16. I am having my first game on Monday and im in 6th so seeming this may help i hope i win the game with my girl's

  17. Warming up for the basket ball match girls

  18. I remember carrying my champion ship game bruh my other team members didn't even do anything we lost 6-14 they acted like they were scared

  19. When I play 5th grade basketball, I come out with blood. What’s this? Nothing compared to what I have to go through .

  20. I have a basket ball game soon in about two weeks I’m super excited!

  21. Bruh in my school they don’t even have basketball teams. Until 7th grade your allowed to join athletics. Or in this case, basketball.

  22. wow great game I play myslef (wildcats for jim thorpe)

  23. I rember the good old days when we could play sports

  24. My 5th grade team was INSANE, they were all good.. except me. Hehe

  25. there were so many travels that the ref didn’t call

  26. I have a practice upcoming. This really helped

  27. I actually just had my first basketball practice and my coach said I was pretty good lol

  28. Number 20 needed a Foul, she grabbed somebody to push em back

  29. Just got back from training. We lost the grand final last year, hopefully we win this year!

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