Big Ten Football Week 2 Previews; 2022-23 Women's Basketball Schedule Released | B1G Today -

Big Ten Football Week 2 Previews; 2022-23 Women’s Basketball Schedule Released | B1G Today

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00:00 – Week 2 Preview: Arkansas State at Ohio State
05:32 – Week 2 Preview: Hawai’i at Michigan
09:04 – Week 2 Preview: Akron at Michigan State
11:33 – Week 2 Preview: Washington State at Wisconsin
12:43 – Women’s Basketball Schedule Release & Interview: Megan Kahn B1G VP of Women’s Basketball
24:30 – Week 1 Impressions of B1G West & East
31:27 – Discussing College Football Playoff Expansion
34:41 – Anthony Herron’s Top 5 Impact RB’s
40:59 – Week 2 Preview: Iowa State at Iowa


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  1. Can the BIG10 make another power move and create the BIG10 Football show? I debate even clicking the videos when other sports are mentioned. Zero, a thorough zero interest in anything other than football. According to sport revenues and national media packages the rest of society also agrees.

  2. You know its CFB season when Pat Forde is yelling at us 🤣

  3. It wouldn’t be an Even year if northwestern wasn’t on fire

  4. This Anthony Heron stay hating on the Buckeyes 😡 he’s entering Mark May territory 🤡

  5. For nobody to pick Michigan to repeat is ridiculous but as this season plays out I bet you will have some change of hearts especially with JJ as QB-1.

  6. It's B1G football commentator checkerboard-shirt day !

  7. Braelon Allen of Wisconsin, vs. Ohio State new defense THAT should be a good game !

  8. Wow no MSU RB in your top 5? Guaranteed that changes after a few more games.

  9. Thank you B1G 10 for all you do for mee!! Love you all!! From
    🇨🇦 🤙💯

  10. Women's basketball schedule release.. the fact they could talk about it like it matters is hilarious

  11. I’m a Hawaii fan and it’s not looking good

  12. Birmingham Brother Rice -26
    Michigan -7. Next year's schedule

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