BEST HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN CLASS OF ALL-TIME?! The Future of NBA & College Basketball is Here! -

BEST HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN CLASS OF ALL-TIME?! The Future of NBA & College Basketball is Here!

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  1. HOT TAKE- Most high school players are overrated

  2. Watch out for my boy Micah Timmons, he is a 3pt beast and all around great scorer man is in commerce so he don't get to much attention but if the right eyes see him currently I believe he would be a top 50 player. Man put up 43 on lone oak in 8th grade and went on a three point massacre today @ rains. Just watch out for him

  3. I’m the older brother and my brother he is NOT more talented I block and break his ankle’s everyday but I’m more talented

  4. Go watch the young fella 🔥@jay_basketball2015

  5. if scoop was like 6'3 he be getting way up there….hes getting up to the rim at 5'5

  6. Y’all keep an eye out for my man Caleb Holt, go bucks

  7. I’m a freshman on jv and i don’t even compare😖😭

  8. what are they feeding these kids in america lol

  9. Cedric tomes from Woodbury should be here he’s scoring 15 a game on varsity as a freshmen

  10. The Peyton kid is scary. He didn’t even look like he was being pushed. Just having fun imagine what he could do if he’s pushed to the limit, I’m scared of that dude

    im michael jordans son i dunk from 3 point line

  12. Bro I swear people be giving birth to my players💀😭

  13. Kemp is in the class if 27 he reclassed my team last year play his school team he was insane

  14. Most of the guys are not actually freshmen’s 😂😂

  15. I can't believe Bryce brown is a freshman 😳

  16. Chris Washington Jr. reminds me a bit of Andrew Wiggins

  17. These are children. It's impossible to project how their careers will develop.

  18. The future black players advancing into the NBA…often 2nd generation NBA children, soon to be 3rd generation…will continue to grow the wealth and education of the Black Community. Black Multi Millionaires invest money into corporations and that money can equally provide black jobs. And the legacy of the NBA should continue to be an extreme source of income for the Black Community for decades to come…maybe hundreds of years. And this is a very good thing. Self reliance is far better for self worth and ambition. Basketball becoming economic, socially , and culturally prosperous would have likely shocked Dr. Naismith…the Canadian who invented the sport for a way for youth to get some fun exercise.

  19. tik tok highlights and flashy, 5 step layups only go so far, children.

  20. You missed 3 players on your list… Mason Fuentes 2026 and Myles Fuentes 2027 (plays up team “All Ball”) Collin Paul (team “Harris Athletics” )

    Thank me later ✌️

  21. These new jerseys are fucking whack

    Its pink and purple vs purple and pink, foul on #726

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