Best Girls Game Ever⁉️😳 Jada Williams GOES AT IT vs Juju Watkins and Milaysia Fulwiley 🔥 -

Best Girls Game Ever⁉️😳 Jada Williams GOES AT IT vs Juju Watkins and Milaysia Fulwiley 🔥

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The Girls Slam Summer Classic was CRAZY! Jada Williams was going at it with everyone, and Juju Watkins & Milaysia Fulwiley were the Terrence Clarke Co-MVP’s of the game.


Intros: (00:00)
First Half: (4:23)
Second Half: (11:08)
MVP’s: (16:02)

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Best Girls Game Ever⁉️😳 Jada Williams GOES AT IT vs Juju Watkins and Milaysia Fulwiley 🔥



  1. This was extremely entertaining. I don't even like basketball.

  2. Nobody got a left hand lay up, they all go right and finish right handed. You need to be able to finish with both hands. Basic basketball

  3. Why do they even bother with this sport

    Do something else

  4. Any one know the name of the dance steps Jada does

  5. they all move way too slow for even to keep it interesting enough to watch

  6. Every one of them a narcissistic. 🤣🤣 Ladies a group of 12 yr old boys could beat you. They look like they had a no defense agreement.

  7. This is basically an All-Star game. Take note NBA this is how an all-star game should be played! Entertaining and competitive for 48 minutes! I was on the edge of my seat which this game!

  8. Lord someone stop the grand master flash commentator like who calls for Oh my God in any other place then church. Should do a shot game every time this guy says OH MY GOD got to take a shot.

  9. Toronto has been asking for WNBA team. Let's make it happen commissioner

  10. Z Bo daughter gonna be a problem 😂

  11. Throwing it off a girls face like this is and 1 hoops. Shouldn’t started a fight. Not right

  12. Bank shots, bounce passes, and lay ups for days! These girls are bringin' that fire!

  13. Milaysia Fulwiley is different. Best hands down.

  14. JuJu really that! She’s mad nice effortlessly

  15. Why she bounce it off girly face like that 😭😭 we would’ve had to scrap!

  16. Nope…best girl ever was probably Cheryl Swoops, Cynthia Copper, Lisa Leslie or Cheryl Miller……you got a LOOOONG way to go and lots of basketball to watch.

  17. The name of the girl on red hair please 😢

  18. Love the play, but I swear the hype man commentary and sound effects are annoying af. And coming onto the court is ridiculous.

  19. This new generation about to ignite the 🔥

  20. Hi ☺️ 😉 👋 ☺️ 😉 👋

  21. Eh. I still think that they should lower the rim for women’s bball. Sorry. But this is the only answer to make it entertaining. That’s the hard truth

  22. These girls are better than some D2 college guys.

  23. All them girls look like future ebt card holders

  24. Shoutout to these ladies … nasty work 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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