BEST Game Winners, Buzzer Beaters, Clutch Plays of the 2018-19 NBA Regular Season -

BEST Game Winners, Buzzer Beaters, Clutch Plays of the 2018-19 NBA Regular Season

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Check out the best clutch game winners, game tying shots, clutch dunks, blocks and other plays from the 2018-19 NBA Regular Season!
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  1. 2:40 "And Kyle Lowry can't believe it"
    I wouldn't believe losing to the Pistons either😂😂

  2. Imagine how satisfying it is to lead your team to victory by one last shot must be the greatest feeling in sports

  3. aint no mountain high enough – marvin gaye & tammi terrell subtitulada

  4. I know y’all saw Austin mrbroom from the ace family when Tyson chandler blocked the shot

  5. I know I’m not the only one who Austin McBroom in the laker vs hawks😂😂

  6. I don't really watch much sports anymore but some of my favorite sports watching was definitely basketball college basketball at that. I absolutely love that game winning shot. The crowd roaring afterwards .the player getting mobbed by his teammates .quite fun to watch. This may sound stupid but to this day I love to throw trash into the basket from far away try to make stupid trash can shots from crazy angles and stuff hehe. Every once in awhile I'll make a crazy shot and someone will see me and I'll throw my hands up like Oh yeah lol

  7. Me watching in quarantine wondering why are there people in the stands

  8. Who’s here after Luka hit tht 3😍🐍

  9. 11:58 what happened in the locker room that no one wanted to celebrate with Trae

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  11. who else saw Austin McBroom when the lakers blocked trae young lmfao

  12. How come Danny green couldn’t do that the other day

  13. Jeremy lamb should be a 90 over with all these buzzer beaters

  14. My favourite of one was when the one Shot The buzzer beater

  15. Too many missed vid man especially paul george and lamb.

  16. I haven’t really been myself lately in videos, life, etc. and that’s because I’ve been extremely depressed. It’s why some videos I’m not loud, or some videos I’m overly excited to try and make up for not being happy. And I’m sorry I haven’t been making the videos I’m used to making. Having youtube as my job is a blessing but also a curse, because some days when I can’t be the exciting, happy person I WANT to be and KNOW I am – I have to force it, and it drains my energy. And leaves me in just an empty mood.

    It’s why yesterday I uploaded a short video that only took a minute to make. I wanted it to be funny, and to the point – that way I could have energy for the rest of the day but also make a video that I thought might be funny if only for a minute or two. But the second I turned the camera off, I was a shell of myself just like every other day for the past month.

    I’m gonna take the day off. And figure out how to beat this. Pack and Play tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future. Because it’s something I enjoy making and I know you guys love. I’m sorry I haven’t been the “Dom” that everybody has come to know over the past year or so.

    See you tomorrow.

    Love you guys, Hakuna Matata.

  17. Can we just appreciate how underrated Evan Fournier is? The dude can play some basketball.

  18. Lamb ending the video with a BANG🔥🔥🔥

  19. The burly technician relevantly paste because sea substantially drop along a delightful waterfall. towering, idiotic icebreaker

  20. Jeremy Lamb sucked the joy out of all those Toronto fans, oh my god.

  21. 3:04 i thought the magic had a timeout not the raptors, so i was like, what the heck!!!???

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