Best Basketball Drills for 8 Year Olds | Fun Basketball Drills by MOJO -

Best Basketball Drills for 8 Year Olds | Fun Basketball Drills by MOJO

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Youth basketball is all about simple, fun drills. Whether it’s basketball shooting drills, passing drills, or dribbling drills for kids, it’s all about them not even realizing how much they’re learning about ball handling skills, shooting form, or even basketball positions and rules. The trick for coaches is to leverage what kids already know and build on their knowledge with simple coaching tips.

This video features fun basketball drills for kids, perfect for 8 year olds. They’re great basketball drills for beginners!

Here are the youth basketball drills in order:
:06 Team Tag
1:30 Mascot Tag
3:00 Snake
4:12 Island Hopping
5:33 Gates Dribbling
6:38 Spelling Bee
8:10 The Floor Is Lava
9:26 Globetrotters
10:30 Hit the Cone
11:37 Ducktails
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  1. Hagan la traducción en español por favor

  2. Hi! I'm actually 10. My P.E teacher send this video to the whole class. We will all do these activities for a few weeks. Sounds fun doing these. Keep up the great work

  3. I normally coach 5th&,6th graders but this yr I have 1&2 and their attention span is a lot shorter lol I really like what you are doing

  4. One of the best basketball drill series I've come across. Super for a beginner coach as well as advanced.

    Thank you for Sharing.
    Greetings from Cabo Verde Islands.

  6. These are good games. But bit harder to implement if class has 30 kids ( and also the kids in the video are very good at basketball- they're not beginners)

  7. Está muy buenos los ejercicios si hay más información mejor Soy Omar Chacoa entrenador

  8. Just had practice today. The kids loved it. Their fourth graders by the way

  9. This is the best video on YouTube for youth drills that I have come across. thank you for this

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