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  1. Man, I remember when we really thought Trevon Duval was going to be the next super star. It’s sad he never lived up to that potential.

  2. Ben Simmons doing Ben Simmons things😂😂

  3. 0:38 was tragic. A woman's scream could be heard on the background once his knee snapped. The non-reaction from the people near him is very telling.

  4. Of course Ben Simmons the only one that missed

  5. Feel bad for the girl who looked like she blew out her other knee… She already had one knee brace on…

  6. Dude, the one armed kid single handedly 😂 shredding the D was absolutely incredible. A revenge machine!

  7. Some of these should be called "Cruciate Ligament breakers". 😨

  8. Most of these moves would be called a carry when I was in HS

  9. Almost all them kids did not know the first thing about defense lol

  10. God is everything remember that put your trust in the lord

  11. It's like 5am and in the begging of the video when I heard haaaa! That scared the shit out of me!

  12. Damn, I've heard of ankle breakers, but there were literally knee breakers here.

  13. Jesus Christ lived a sinless life. Died on the cross. Rose from the dead three days later so you can have. Eternal life you just have to accept his gift of salvation so you no longer have eternal damnation. Meaning to repent from your sins and surrender your life to him. Jesus Christ for eternal life.
    God Bless Everybody and Everyone !!!!!!!!!!!

  14. a lot of people use their arms to push the player and put him down but that's not ankle breakers in this case

  15. Guys – half of these are the defender just slipping on the ground. That is NOT an ankle-breaker. Thats called a "SLIP."

  16. i would not come back to school after that💀💀

  17. 8:35 Big credit / respect with this kid Jersey24
    who absolutely had killer instinct moment playing Basketball only 1 arm?

  18. Now if these black kids would only spend as much time on their studies as they do playing a game, they might actually amount to something. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  19. Lamelo wasn’t even in high school when that first play of the video happened

  20. lwk feel bad for the people getting their ankles broken, imagine them going back to school yikes

  21. 4:56 its only ben Simmons to drop someone then miss the layup and rebound

  22. Damn, she already had a brace on one leg and fucked the other leg up.

  23. Qual o nome do albino na capa do vídeo?

  24. Darius garland looks incredibly hard to guard 😂😂. That hesi is absurd

  25. hansel is like shanks in one piece he can destroy enemies with 1 arm

  26. first clip is professional ball, not high school. wtf???

  27. a lot of these aren’t ankle breakers, they just tuff

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