Best 1 on 1 Basketball Games (IMPROVE SCORING) -

Best 1 on 1 Basketball Games (IMPROVE SCORING)

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These are some of the best 1 on 1 basketball drills and are a great way to work on your scoring and 1 on 1 moves. Learning to read your defender is one of the most important things when it comes to scoring in a 1 on 1 situation and these 4 games will help your learn to do just that. By reading your defenders feet, attacking quickly off the catch, and locating your target early you will score more points then ever before!

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  1. Hey coach, can you do the Jeremy Lin Shooting secrets please?He's good at threes and mid-range jumper for me.

  2. is there another way of getting a delayed set point without bringing the further away from your body?

  3. Sometimes when i shoot my arms sway right or left how can i prevent that?

  4. Hey Coach Collin
    Please! Can you show us a video that tells which warm ups must we use before a basketball game ?

  5. hey coach C. I've been having trouble with my in game confidence how can improve it. Please help

  6. hey coach i have a problem with my shot i always for a low arc every time i shoot.

  7. yo coach c, you should make a videos on how to be elite in position. (ex. the key components to being a small forward) but for the other 4 positions too.

  8. wanna beat someone 1 on 1 nearly every time? learn the skyhook

  9. Please Coach C, can you make some videos based on those drills but with the FIBA rules? I'm from Spain and I would like to project this drills on my game :). Thanks for your time.

  10. Coach I got a question, on ur website how long does a 1 on 1 training session last for 50 bucks ?

  11. but coach c, i an 12 years old and want to be in the nba when I grow up, and i want to be a small forward. Can you please make a video on what the key components to a small forward are?

  12. #askcoachc I release off my right hand but it looks like I shoot with both hands please help

  13. Get yourself in the nba celebrity all star game!!

  14. Hey Coach C. have you ever dreamed of going into the NBA, if so, what stopped you from going into the NBA

  15. great fundamentals but I need some basketball moves when people are pressuring and playing tight D

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