Best 1 on 1 Basketball Games (IMPROVE SCORING) -

Best 1 on 1 Basketball Games (IMPROVE SCORING)

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These are some of the best 1 on 1 basketball drills and are a great way to work on your scoring and 1 on 1 moves. Learning to read your defender is one of the most important things when it comes to scoring in a 1 on 1 situation and these 4 games will help your learn to do just that. By reading your defenders feet, attacking quickly off the catch, and locating your target early you will score more points then ever before!

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  1. Steve Nash shooting secrets Part 2. He is one of the best five shooters of all time!!

  2. coach can old help me with my flying elbow PLS do it in a video of ask coach

  3. Kid in the black shirts defense makes me cringe, btw travels everywhere

  4. Can you do a video on step back jumper mistakes?

  5. I've been working on my read and react offense (wide open shoot and if i'm pressured then get to the hoop), and my scoring hasn't really gone up. I was wondering if you knew how I could help my game some?

  6. Your jumper is UGLY but it's fire which is all that matters 😂lmao

  7. Welcome to American Airlines! Have a nice trip

  8. Good Video great single coverage options. Love exploring options off pivots but 1:30 is a travel. You have the right foot established but lift it prior to the release. Got to be a step through and two foot release.

  9. for all u noobs out there calling traveling. . if i had to call a travel yet, it would be at ~01:33. When he caught the ball, his right foot was his pivot foot, and then he quickly switched it to the left–i'm nit-picking of course and i wouldn't have called this as a ref (but this is by far the MOST common, most un-called travel ull see in NCAA/NBA).

    im just pointing out the irony that none of u noobs actually can spot a travel when it happens.

  10. Well I just lost a bet with my friend, I gave him $100.00 and I'm literally sitting here and crying as I'm typing this shit.

  11. My friend is about 1.90 m tall. I can't get to the rim to make a lay up, because he is so tall and spreads his arms so that I am not able to dribble well and get to the baseline to do a lay up. When I stand at the top of the key I try to dribble, hesitate and then do a jump back to do a jump shot, but he is always very close to me. Should I play more aggressively? Or is there an other solution? Sorry if my English is bad

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