Become a more physical basketball player!!! -

Become a more physical basketball player!!!

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  1. If this is allowed, hand checking should be brought back if I slap is arm as a defender it's a foul 😂

  2. Is no one gonna say anything about that little girl's layup? How two balls danced before falling down the basket?

  3. All fun in games until the defender spins back

  4. I do that arm swipe all the time whenever i drive past defenders, and they stay crying talking bout i can't do that lol

  5. Illegal move but i have never seen a ref call it and i've playden for 15 years

  6. Gurl looked like she was gonna fall over from that double tween😅

  7. Use back of your wrist or forearm to deflect their reaching hand. If you grab another player that’s a foul in every league.

  8. That’s a foul… reaching out and slapping/pulling the defender arm is not a good move….

  9. If I can’t touch you why can you touch me. This is creating bad habit. You can cross people without swiping their hands away.

  10. or do the most absolute unorthodox move that is flopping

  11. Gyz plzzzz anyone help me😢 me wanna join BNA plz😔😓

  12. Gyz plzzzz anyone help me😢 me wanna join BNA plz😔😓

  13. You can maybe use this twice a game, after that you’re gonna get called for an offensive foul every time.

  14. You can maybe use this twice a game, after that you’re gonna get called for an offensive foul every time.

  15. Nah, this doesn't work. If its a PF thats taller than you and athletic, they're not going to be standing there after you move their hand out the way, they will follow you and contest your shot.

  16. Man no matter what you do, there are 5 people in front of me, and even worse is that all of em are trying to guard me bro, I can't even pass cuz they are tall 🙁

  17. These days it's so hard to play defense, any touch is a foul for the new generation 😢

  18. My PE teacher: my gramma can run faster then u

    The other PE teacher:

  19. I did to my friend he screamed foul so loud I slapped the shit out of him

  20. For real a few people who ain't educated either said I can't do that or it's a foul I laughed at them

  21. A more effective way is just swiping anything, not grabbing it

  22. Nah playin SugarHill Keem music over this is crazy ngl

  23. Bro I’m a big guy and every time I get physical in defense and offense because that’s how I play every time it’s just “FOUL!!!” Or “THATS A FOUL!!!”

  24. Yeah except these niccas in school destroy you with their "defense"

  25. This is an offensive foul. They don´t call it, slowly the rules have been changing to allow more contact to the offense and less to the defense. We can see daily on NBA when the offensive player initiates the contact but it's called a defensive foul. For me, this destroys the game, making it too hard to defense un-balancing the sport. Nowadays, baskestball is a different sport it was 10 or 15 years ago.

  26. So they won't call foul that the way basketball is playing today

  27. Man’s teaching kids how to offensive foul.hopefully you are telling them it’s situational

  28. It’s an offensive foul if you do this in front of a ref

  29. Before you teach them all that, they need to learn how to shoot a proper shot

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