Video Games Evolution
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The evolution of basketball games between 1974 and 2023. Find in this video all the basketball games released since 1974

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0:03 1974
0:14 1978
0:35 1979
0:56 1982
1:06 1983
1:17 1984
1:38 1986
1:59 1987
2:51 1988
3:33 1989
4:26 1990
5:39 1991
6:11 1992
7:24 1993
8:38 1994
10:23 1995
12:28 1996
14:03 1997
14:55 1998
16:19 1999
17:43 2000
19:39 2001
20:31 2002
22:47 2003
24:12 2004
25:15 2005
26:28 2006
28:02 2007
29:16 2008
30:08 2009
30:50 2010
31:22 2011
31:32 2012
31:43 2013
32:04 2014
32:25 2015
32:46 2016
32:56 2017
33:28 2018
33:59 2019
34:10 2020
34:20 2021
34:31 2022


  1. 03:44 Basketball Nightmare my first ever Basketball game on Sega Master System.

  2. I’m 17 years old I still love playing nba video games

  3. NBA Live was once the pinacle of basketball simulation games. Now it's nothing

  4. NBA shootout series for ps1 was my sh!t … I loved how the cam zooms in on dunks, layups, or blocks. And the players were bigger here than NBA live.

  5. I forgot about backyard basketball. I forgot about nba ballers too. I didn’t realize it’s been that long. I had courtside and showtime on n64. Nba jam on sega too. I remember nba live 03 being a big deal. It was the first with freestyle control. I loved playing with Tracy mcgrady. Nba street vol 2 was my favorite

  6. "Bill Laimbeer's COmbat Basketball" is an horrid port of the Amiga/Atari ST game "Future Basketball"

  7. It's amazing how sports games went from simple button gameplay, like that seen on the Nintendo, to more advanced presentation styles and real time physics after the PS2 and Xbox. Lol, the NBA 2k series on the Dreamcast looked so realistic when it came out. Everyone I knew couldn't drop the controller, we were so in awe at how good it looked. Now there's the PS5, damn time flies.

  8. Nice video but holy shit the players that played the games are SUPER bad, i had to puke a couple of times! 😀

  9. Thanks very cool..some of those I had never heard or systems I never heard of
    I remember I had the first nes and was think of buying the turbo graphic because they lower the price crazy back then

  10. Basketball was invented by Dr.James Naismith 🧺 🏀!

  11. I enjoyed playing basketball games like NBA, NCAA and Backyard basketball!

  12. My favorite basketball video game franchise is the NBA Live franchise from EA Sports 🏀!

  13. You forgot Double Dribble from Konami for NES 1986

  14. How you guys not show the dunking scene for Double Dribble? Lol 😂 ddddddddsssssssshhhhhhh.

  15. it doesn't get more real as Jordan vs Bird 1on1! better than any nba live game!

  16. Fun fact: Double Dribble was the cause of the first ever dent on my NES. 🙂 lol

  17. สุรนาท วงษ์ช่างหล่อ says:


  18. Arch Rivals was a fun game to play, you punch people to take the ball.

  19. 🏀
    NBA 🧔
    WNBA 👩‍🦰
    NCAA 👨‍🦱👩

  20. You show Dr. J vs Larry Bird One on One but you don't show the dunk that breaks the backboard? SMH 🤦‍♂️

  21. Hurley with the dish to Simmons! Loved '94 NBA Action as well. Played that until the sun came up.

  22. the graphics got sooo good, my parents thought it was a real live game something I felt very funny because there's people out here who can't tell the difference between a real life game on TV and a video game🤣🤣

  23. Todavia les falta para que los movimientos sean realistas. quizas en unos años…

  24. IMO Run and Gun is the most underrated of all these games. It was the perfect mix of arcade and simulation for the time. It was NBA 2K ten years early.

  25. "Nekketsu! Street Basket" ?????????????????

  26. Forgot Slam'n'Jam 95 on 3DO. The game looks like NBA GIVE' N GO but better and faster.

  27. NBA street home court was my first ever Basketball game..I was never a big fan of the NBA but man that game takes me back

  28. Once the first NBA game came out, the graphics get better

  29. NBA street just hits different! a favorite forsure 👍🏽

  30. Oh 1974 it was so boring .. better to not purchase games 😂 just waste of money

  31. Baseball – Basketball – Wrestling I learn its rule through video games

    Thanks America for spreading your beautiful culture through games and Hollywood

    Loves to this country soo much

    Wish you always to be the superpower 🇺🇸❤️

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