basketball skills send to someone#shorts LIKE 👍🏼 for more❤️ -

basketball skills send to someone#shorts LIKE 👍🏼 for more❤️

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  1. Whenever your little sister plays basketball be like:

  2. BRO WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED MY EYES You know what it's late I'm probably not seeing things properly but ima try use that move tomorrow lMFAO

  3. Send this man to The NBA if his moves are legal

  4. I've never seen Asians play basketball before. I guess I've only really seen Americans. It just looks different.

  5. djsjvjsvs😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  6. chsj z hsxvjavjsseigqphoosufjdbksvdjvs

  7. He’s good even he trick them and than he made the shot

  8. He proves that
    Girls are girls
    Boys are Boys 😎😎

  9. The best boy is bugs bunny, boys vs girl in basketballllll!!!!:)

  10. Every boys dream of playing the 2 best players like that

  11. I tought the skill was girl goes from between leg of boy

  12. Size of the dudes legs dont match his arms he dont skip leg day but he be skipping arm day

  13. Bro I know this guy he plays at that court every day I played against him once I got destroyed but I scored a contested three against hom

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