Basketball Player Saves Referee’s Life During a Game -

Basketball Player Saves Referee’s Life During a Game

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A basketball game in Upstate New York is in full swing when suddenly the referee wobbles and collapses from a heart attack. That’s when Toledo Glass City basketball player Myles Copeland jumps into action. As luck would have it, Copeland is not just a basketball player — he’s a firefighter at the Toledo, Ohio, fire department. He starts to perform CPR on 61-year-old John Sculli. For 30 minutes, Copeland worked to get Suclli’s heart going again, ultimately saving his life.


  1. I tried to do that once…no man ever came to my rescue….Jokes aside this man is a blessing! That ref was lucky SOMEONE came to his rescue because no one else did. Glad to know he's doing OK.

  2. Thirty minutes and this guy turned out fine afterwards imagine how many lives would still be here if people didn’t give my up on their compressions too early

  3. Mad Respect to the men who stood there to give the Man Decency while he's receiving life saving treatment

  4. Dr. Mike would be proud. Good chest compressions!

  5. 30 minutes and no one offered to take over?! no one said bro tell me how to do compressions and I'll take over for you?! CPR is not easy to do, especially for one person, especially for 30 minutes!

  6. 30 minutes? Where were they? That is a lifetime for no on-duty police, fire or rescue personnel to arrive.

  7. No AED in the school??? Gotta be kiddin' me???????

  8. Luck had nothing to do with it…JESUS CHRIST!!!!!! Did 😊😊😊

  9. beautiful story…but 30 minutes of chest compressions! If you're needing to do chest compressions in the first place there should be a 911 call with an ambulance there within a few minutes.

  10. Did anyone call the ambulance because 30 minutes is a long time

  11. He was at the right place at the right time!! God bless you young man!!👍🏽👏🏽🖐🏾🙏🏾💕

  12. A true hero, well done Miles. Too bad all UTube clips can't be this positive and uplifting.

  13. What a gracious young gentleman. God placed him there that night for a purpose to save that man's life.Blessings go out to referee,and praises go out to that fine gentleman who saved his life.

  14. 30mins is an eternity God bless this young man.

  15. Damn. I never thought it would be possible to be brought back after 30 mins with no brain damage

  16. why would it take 30 min for emergency services to show up?

  17. 30 minutes?! What state was the ambulance coming from?

  18. RILEY (SlotDog) PLAYS SLOTS (He's a dog) says:

    Wait. The wife ran away.
    Why was she not holding his hand
    Talking to him during compressions.

  19. All trainers should have a defibrillator with them

  20. Even 30 minutes passing off is an insane amount of time to do compressions. Very glad that he remained oxygenated although I'm not sure how the hell it happened.

  21. Dr Mike would be proud haha

    "Chest Compression, Chest Compression, Chest Compression"

  22. He didn’t even hesitate…saw the collapse and went into life saving mode…amazing

  23. 30 minutes… where… what… no ambulance!

  24. What a good time to have that # 44 mag' by your side when you need someone!👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️To the young man. He's probably still shooting that 🔥 out on the court.

  25. 30 minutes CPR? Where the Hell were the paramedics at? And why didn't they have emergency services available in the first place? If one of those players went down with a knee injury I guarantee they would have been on a gurney and on the way to the hospital in less than 10 minutes.

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