Basketball - Men - USA-FRA - London 2012 Olympic Games -

Basketball – Men – USA-FRA – London 2012 Olympic Games

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BK05 – Men – USA-FRA – Basketball – 29 July 2012 – London 2012 Olympic Games
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  2. France needed to go thru the Philippines that year for them to be in that Olympics 🔥🔥🔥

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  5. Michael Jordan was great I think Kobe Bryant is the goat greatest of all time

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  7. If this was soccer it would be the exact opposite

  8. Lool en dit pas la France vs etas unis ce l'afrique contre le etas unis😂😂

  9. Melo due to get racially abused for not looking emotional during the national anthem

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  13. Anybody else notice all the thumbnails for 2012 USA Basketball Olympics is just Kobe bodying people.

  14. Kobe, Lebron, and KD are the greatest trio to ever assemble on a basketball team

  15. Tony Parker wearing them goggles cause he got hit in the eye by a glass bottle by Chris Brown or Drake in that club fight where Parker was at

  16. I almost forgot KD went bald during the olympics

  17. “And 1 motha fucka”
    – Kevin Durant

  18. Bobo gumagawa na c batum ilalabas bobo coach

  19. It's weird to see Durant's head so shaved.

  20. Anyone here after USA lose back to back against Nigeria and Australia lmao

  21. 法国队首发有一个不认识,皮特鲁斯没来吗?四个NBA球员

  22. this USA team… The best along the Dream Team

  23. How French players sing their national anthem with pride vs how the U.S.A players stand with their heads bowed down (or even worse putting their hands in their pockets)

  24. While Westbrook seems unsettled and erratic and Kobe is playing bad with horrible defense and terrible offense, KD's game is the most suitable for the International Game!!

  25. Rip Kobe 🙏 and Kevin durant what a player He always show Up for team USA 👏

  26. Fun fact: Tony Parker had to wear goggles after surgery to get glass out of his eye from when Drake and Chris Brown had a brawl at a night club one night.

  27. Kobe and KD saved Lebron from losing 3rd and 4th international appearrances.

  28. Who is here after USA lost to France at 2021 olympic?

  29. Now Batum beat the USA twice in the last two years

  30. And now france beat USA in 2021 olympic game 💪💨

  31. Watching this after the US lost to France @ Tokyo Olympics 🥺

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  33. this team france is like an imposter who look like african american but actually is french

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