Basketball is a physical game -

Basketball is a physical game

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  1. Oops accidentally tagged the wrong court – this court was at 975 Hougang St 91

  2. the part about singapore's basketball being soft is so true.

    As a 30yo guy, when i play against the younger generation, they call foul on every single little bump and it gets annoying.

    imagine if they played 10-15years ago where everyone was tougher and more physical lmao

  3. true true. But not to go overboard. I witnessed a player, who was being guarded by an opponent, slapped that opponent's face. That is not basketball.

  4. Basketball requires some level of physicality to be enjoyable, but not intentionally aggressive. Some minor contact and body interaction can heighten the intensity of the game. It's rather dull when players keep drawing attention to trivial fouls just to secure a victory. It really goes against the spirit of the game.

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