Basketball game suspended after fight between Onondaga, Corning community colleges -

Basketball game suspended after fight between Onondaga, Corning community colleges
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Onondaga Community College’s league championship basketball game was suspended an OCC player was grabbed by a Corning Community College opponent, setting off a fight on Saturday, Feb. 25, 2019. There later was a scuffle between fans.


  1. Those are community college teams? They look like high schoolers lmaooo

  2. I'm sure there was a lot riding on this community college game.

  3. You guys are so removed from life. Knicks guy isnt like the 2K fans. The 2K fans are on point with real

  4. this is terrible parents fighting now wow

  5. Parents really fighting at they kids basketball game lmao

  6. Love how the referees just blew the whistle aggressively

  7. Jajajajaja. And family Don't education. Nega. Nega. Old the Time.

  8. Yo it’s community college not like yall getting drafted wdf lol

  9. You know why they let hockey players fight and not basketball players? The color of their skin

  10. (No one was harmed during the making of this video. Literally.)

  11. Everyone, look at player number 4. He started the fight.

  12. Y’all in college fighting? Smh, nobody looks educated

  13. Good 'ol OCC Tech. Harvard on the Hill…..

  14. That black woman in white sweater sucker punched like a coward and ran.


    1 Thessalonians 4:3
    For this is the will of God, even your sanctification, that ye should abstain from fornication:

  16. Cops should have just let em go at it, like the Refs do in hockey but I always enjoy watching these fat woman fight better than a basketball game.

  17. Not surprised at all 🤣🤣and this is high school!! Imagine what goes on in the streets

  18. Omg people who scream at fights make it worse 😒

  19. Idiot standing up and cheering it on. Great job. Yeah fights in youth sports, always a great thing. Dope.

  20. Ah, those weekday night juco basketball games with 70 sleepy spectators… A fight like that wakes them up in one second.

  21. Good call by the ref. You can't claim it was a foul every time you turn the ball over.

  22. Fights in sports happen. While not acceptable, is still understandable. However, the game was suspended because parents and other family members got involved and acted like fools (to put it kindly).

  23. So uncivilized….why! What did the fans do to get mad at other fans? Oh I know, they were all being soooooooo stupid…..that's how you know fans are stupid when you have like 10 or so cops at a stinkin community college game. ARE YOU F***ING SERIOUS!? WHY?!?!?

  24. 1. I played on this team and I am one of the guys that got knocked over
    2. I saw a comment about this being a trash juco league but a team in our region won a national championship this same year.
    3. There is no more conference tournament because of this fight
    4. Every time I check this video it has double the amount of views😂😂😂

  25. Girl in white…wtf you gonna do. Chill out. You're at a basketball game. Take it outside.

  26. An altercation between 2 individuals that could have been easily diffused if not for the morons in the crowd

  27. How are kids going to learn when there parents behave like that

  28. reminds me of our game back in 2015 i think aau atl elite vs some chicago team they banned us from the gym and the city of cincinatti im like lol ok but they tried to attck our PG first.

  29. Had the disgust to live in this part of the world in the late 80's/early 90's as the Navy sent me to the Syracuse MEPS…I did get my degree while I was there but it was the nastiest 3 years of my life. The biggest freak show in the world… unhappy, ugly people with A & D vit deficiencies – urban decay worse than Gary, IN and just plain dumb people….

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